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  1. mthomp

    Another newbie, looking to see if I have setup correct

    I have: OTA antenna, with amp, coming to coax splitter, that routes signal to 2 TVs (expanding soon to 3 TVs). Router wired to switch (plus wireless devices). The router is next to one of the TVs. I am considering a set (2 for now) -- Bonded 2.0 MoCA adapters (TrendNet TMO-311C2K. I'm not a...
  2. S

    RT-AC66U with RT-N66U PSU & Antennae

    I currently have an ASUS RT-N66U which I used as a switch & access point combo with wired backhaul. It recently died but the PSU is confirmed still working. I am looking for a replacement and I have seen an ASUS RT-AC66U going cheaply because it does not have a PSU or antennae. Does anyone here...
  3. T

    Diagnose faulty GT AX6000 Antenna

    Hey all! My router is currently not in the best location, and unfortunately got bumped. As a result, one of the antenna is now quite insecure / wobbly. I am wondering if there is any way to potentially diagnose if this antenna has been broken or damaged in some way? If not, does anyone know...
  4. thiggins

    For those of you wondering whether you need 6 GHz antennas

    I came across this blog post that should make you feel better. Bottom line is that found for the tested set of dual-band dipoles, performance was about the same as for 5 GHz up to 6.778 GHz (~ Wi-Fi 6E channel 165)...
  5. T

    Router antenna as PS4 WiFi/Bluetooth antenna?

    I’m wondering if I can use an old router antenna to replace the cheap wifi/Bluetooth adapter in the PS4? I’m asking because I’ve seen YouTube videos of ppl replacing it with similar SMA to pigtail connecters and it’s the same thing used for router antennas, it’s basically one router antenna so o...
  6. toaruScar

    Signal lobes of ZenWiFi-XT8's antenna?

    This diagram is a cross section my home. There're 3 ZenWiFi-XT8 routers in the diagram. They're at the same "depth" on the diagram. The facing of the asus logo is represented by the vectors, with guest room router pointing left, bedroom into the page (that tiny "⊗"), and garden right. +...
  7. R

    Increasing the 5GHz WiFi range?

    My router has 3x 5dBi RP-SMA antennas on it and I would like to extend the range on the 5GHz band. I would use the 2.4 band since it has a longer range but the neighbours router is set to have the channel on 'auto' and it keeps dropping my devices, so I took everything off and switched them all...
  8. A

    Has anyone else seen a performance difference in Upper/Lower 5GHz bands?

    ... A difference in PERFORMANCE I should have said. Can't edit that now. While I was digging for some information about whether my RT-AC68U (B2) is the identical same as RT-AC68P (which I still don't know) I stumbled down a rabbit hole leading to FCC certification documents for FCC ID...
  9. gogreen1

    Antenna direction and replacement questions

    I have an Asus RT-AC68U. I'm experimenting with antenna direction and replacement. I hate to ask a dumb question, but what is the best placement for the three antennas? Angle the two outside antennas at about 45 degrees parallel to the router and let the middle antenna stand straight up? And to...
  10. TheDude

    Round router - antenna coverage considerations?

    Hello, Is anyone enlighted in the area of how an antenna in around router is affecting how it should be placed for best coverage? If it matters at all. I have a couple of Lyra minis and before I make their placement final I'd like to explore if they are better off placed horizontally or...
  11. d0g

    Repeater antenna question

    My base router is an Asus AC87U, and I'm using an AC68U as a repeater. Works pretty well; the AC68U reports "Link rate: 234 Mbps, RSSI: -58 dBm" and we get up to 60 mbps (of our 200mbps) through it. The AC87U is in the guest house/office, with just 1 ethernet client, and the AC68U is in the...
  12. R

    Amplify antenna signal or amplify signal from Moca Adapter distribution splitter

    Getting ready to cut the cord from my full blown cable services using Internet 100 services provided by the same service provider. I will be installing an attic antenna for OTA channels, Tablo, moca adapters and Roku Ultras. While I have researched a lot and have my cable wiring and device plan...
  13. G

    ASUS RT-AC86U Antenna Upgrade / ai mesh

    Hi, so I have a RT-AC86U which is currently plugged into coaxial cable in my kitchen on the ground floor directly beneath my room, this is the most efficient place I can have my router as I'm limited by the cable length so not much option to move it around or upstairs. So the wifi signal has to...
  14. T

    Sharing Antennas for 4x4 Dual Band

    Does anyone know of a mux or similar device that can take output from 2 different Wifi 4x4 radios (one a 2.4G and the other 5G; both use the Broadcom BCM43465 MU-MIMO chipset) and connect them to the same 4 antennas? I don't want to use 8 antennas so looking for way to share the same 4 antennas...
  15. J

    Extending Wireless 300+ Feet

    Hi, After searching and finding posts 3-4 years old, I thought I would ask about extending wireless service to a metal building I've rented as a shop. Situation is straight forward in that I want to extend existing wifi and/or LTE to get a signal in building that is functioning as a...
  16. C

    increase signal rate on dsl ac68u

    can i use a high gain antenna over stock ones to improve wifi signal ? maybe 7dbi or 9dbi ? how much gain will i get ?
  17. S

    Asus AC3200 - Which Antenna are 2.4ghz and which are 5ghz?

    I have checked the manual and looked all over for this answer but cannot find it. Maybe I am blind. Does anyone know which of the three antenna are 2.4ghz supporting and which are 5ghz? I am fairly sure that three of the antenna are 2.4ghz I just do not know which ones. Thank you
  18. G

    High Gain Antennas

    Hi All. Just want to ask community: is installation of high gain antennas really improves the signal sensitivity for the router? Found this item, and I am pretty sure it will work with any 2.4 / 5.0 GHz if it work at all (wavelength is the same, connection port is the same). But is it really...
  19. Julio Urquidi

    Celeno and Airgain Team Up To Create New Smart Antenna Platform

    Celeno and Airgain are collaborating on the creation of a new smart antenna reference design focused on supporting 4K video streaming applications for telecom service providers. The combination of Celeno’s experience in smart antennas and RF with Airgain’s SAS (Smart Antenna Steering) silicon...
  20. sfx2000

    FS - WRT1900acV2

    Offered up is a Linksys WRT1900acV2 - factory firmware (latest) - I was running it on DDWRT (Kong's fork) for a bit for testing - actually all use was testing, as I rolled this into production for about a week to check stability... This is a late model v2 - it has the Armada-380 @ 1.6GHz, and...