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  1. S

    Mac Mini M2 / MBP Can't Find 6Ghz

    I am running 3 AXE-16000's with a wired backhaul on the latest Merlin 388.1. I am having an issue with Apple's latest Mac Mini M2 and MBP seeing the 6Ghz network. From what I've been able to understand (with the help from Adrian at Intuitibits) is that these products rely on "reduced neighbor...
  2. M

    Diversion SOLVED - Diversion not working on iPhone, all other devices protected

    I noticed my iPhone was the only device not being protected by Diversion regardless of which browser I was using. Trace Route to a blocked site (Facebook and Twitter) only showed the Pixelserv server address on all other devices (, but on the iPhone the first hop was to the router...
  3. G

    Apple devices can't access Internet if IPs are DHCP-assigned

    DIAGRAM UPDATED Apple devices cannot connect to an ASUS RT-AC66U configured as a repeater when set to use DHCP-assigned IP addresses - they can only connect when using statically-defined IP address settings (IP, mask, router IP & DNS). Why is this not working with DHCP-assigned IPs for Apple...
  4. N

    Sold a Airport Express and trying to help fellow buyer setting it up with Comcast, but need help

    Hi everyone, Recently sold someone a apple airport express, and they are telling me they cannot for the world of them get it working. I'm trying to avoid the return process if I can assist them getting it to work. The goal is to use it with the comcast modem (might be a that combo...
  5. L

    Asus RT-AC87U & Apple iCloud Blocked

    Good Morning: Is it possible that Build 3.84.13_10 is blocking iCloud on both Wired and Wireless Connections. My wife's iPhone can access her photos while on Cellular Data. However, put the phone on Wifi and it will not access anything in Photos (or iCloud for that matter). Even the computer...
  6. kernol

    Aimesh RT-AC86U on Merlin 384.14_0 and RT-AC5300 on stock

    Anyone else with a similar setup? AC86U as Main - AC5300 as Node. In my case - that combo breaks connectivity to the Apple Store for Apple TV and iTunes on Win 10 desktop. I'm guessing that's because Merlin 384.14 has Encrypt Fixed and new Apple requirements for certificates - but AC5300 stock...
  7. R

    Asus Asus RT-AX88U with Apple HomeKit and Trend Micro

    Hello people, After searching the internet for some solutions regarding my router I found this website, which looks awesome because it’s full of good information. So I hope someone here can help me with a strange problem I have. My hardware: Asus RT-AX88U - Firmware Version:
  8. N

    Keep or Sell a1521 and a1470 with Orbi setup?

    Like the title explains, I actually got my hands on a a1521 basestation and a1470 2tb time capsule. I also am using orbi with 2 satellites, and I'm wondering should I keep or sell the base station and/or time capsule, or is there a way to implement it with what I have? I'm leaning more towards...
  9. B

    Apple iPhone XS and XS Max might support 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

    According to Tech Insights the new iPhones use a Broadcom BCM4377 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless combo SoC. The BCM4377 is not publicly listed, and probably custom made for Apple. The closest related however is the BCM4375, also a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chip. And it supports 802.11ax (recently branded...
  10. O

    RT-AC68U Time Machine Drive showing < 1GB free

    Been working to set up time machine on since I bought this router without success. Have a 2TB WD My Passport Ultra that I was successfully using with an old Airport for a long time without issue. On the AC68U I can only see what is presumably the wrong partition (sda3) with a total space of just...
  11. thiggins

    Apple Exits The Wi-Fi Router Biz

    Multiple sources report that Apple is discontinuing its AirPort family of routers. There does not appear to be a formal announcement. But variations in this quote found in iMore's article have been cited in most articles: Apple quietly began selling Linksys' Velop Wi-Fi mesh system in January.
  12. Y

    Apple TC died - what to replace it with (go with R7800)?

    Hi all, very newbie here. I've had Time Capsule for 6-8 years (A1355) and no issues whatsoever until it just died. So I stepped into this mess that is which router to pick :-O Given what the current rankings say (R7800) or what thewirecutter says (R7000P) in my budget (UK, <£200), should I get...
  13. Julio Urquidi

    Logitech Circle 2 Wired Security Cameras Now Apple HomeKit Compatible

    Logitech updated its Circle 2 camera to work with Apple’s HomeKit smart home automation tech. Whether using a “Hey Siri” voice command or motion detected alerts, customers can now use the Home app and Circle 2 cameras to keep a remote eye on at home through thier iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch...
  14. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link's HomeKit Enabled Wi-Fi Camera Released

    D-Link's latest Wi-Fi camera was previously announced during CES. The Omna 180 Cam HD is now available from, or in Apple stores later this month. Retailing for $199.99, the Omna 180 is compatible with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform, providing surveillance and security services...
  15. thiggins

    Apple Exiting Wi-Fi Router Biz

    Bloomberg today reported that Apple has been shutting down the group that develops its AirPort Wi-Fi routers for the past year. This should come as no real surprise, given that Apple has not updated its router line since 2013. This is not great news for Broadcom, which supplies the devices for...
  16. thiggins

    Apple Home Reviewed

    Is Apple Home really "one easy way" to control HomeKit smart home devices? Read on SmallNetBuilder
  17. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link In Development For New Apple HomeKit Friendly Wi-Fi Cameras

    D-Link announced it has a new smart home Wi-Fi camera in development that would be compatible with the new Apple Home app, as well as with Apple’s HomeKit smart home framework. Touting itself as “one of the latest brands to support Apple’s smart home framework,” D-Link specifically noted that...
  18. sfx2000

    Apple updates Airport AC/N firmware

    The guys over in Cupertino have pushed out an update for the 11n/11ac Airports "About AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.7.7 Information Firmware update 7.7.7 is recommended for all AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac...
  19. Julio Urquidi

    Security Concerns Rise As Apple Cuts QuickTime Support

    Trend Micro’s Simply Security blog warned QuickTime for Windows users not to throw caution to the wind and prompting readers to uninstall Apple’s now unsupported video player. Over the weekend, the blog noted two recently announced critical advisories, posted on Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative...