asus 3100

  1. S

    DDOS... It's happening

    About 2 weeks ago a "friend of a friend" joined an xbox party I was in. My friends and I were in game chat (not party chat) and this person started counting down in messages 10,9,8 etc. He got to 1 and the next message said GAME OVER. We all got booted. I came back online and rejoined the party...
  2. rtn66uftw

    [Solved] Setup dual routers with one dedicated for VPN

    Happy Wednesday! I currently have an AT&T U-Verse 5268AC FXN modem and two Asus routers RT-AC3100 and AC68U running Merlin's firmware. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the AC3100 as normal and the AC68U as a VPN dedicated router? What would be the best way to have these two setup...
  3. T

    What Asus router should I buy

    I currently have an AC3100 that covers about 85% of my house. There are 2 home offices w/ multiple VoIP lines. I have Spectrum highspeed and get 300mbps wired and mid 150's wireless in most areas. However, wireless gets really sketchy in a few areas and only works "sometimes." Most of the...
  4. T

    Rt-ac3100 very strange Ethernet port issue

    Hello, I recently upgraded my internet speed from 100/100 mbit to 300/300. That prompted me to do a speedtest and no matter what, I couldn't get more than 50mbps download, as if it was bottlenecked at 50. My setup is: Fibre optic Att Modem is set to passthrough mode, assigning public IP to...
  5. D

    NAT Acceleration prevents Wi-Fi Calling from working

    Hello, You may remember me from when I asked why my ASUS AC3100 was not working with iOS Wi-Fi Calling. I finally figured out that NAT Acceleration is what prevents it from working, but I don't want to disable it because my speeds drop from nearly 1 Gbps to 300 Mbps... Is there a way of fixing...
  6. A

    Help with new ASUS RT3100

    I confess to being a bit of a newbie, but I cannot manage to get my new rt3100 router to recognize my internet connection. I plug my old DLink in and everything is fine. We have attempted everything in the online support and it still won't connect to the internet. Our internet type is considered...
  7. M

    Asus AC3100 - OpenVPN issues

    Hi all. I have been having an issue for months with my OpenVPN on my Asus router. I have a NAS at home (Call it N1) and a NAS at my inlaws (Call it N2). N1 backs up to N2 nightly across an openVPN connection. This usually works without issue however... if there is ever even the tiniest hiccup...
  8. elrengo

    rutorrent fail to autenticate

    Hi! Today morning my installation of rutorrent in my asus [AC3100] with Merlin 382.1_2 firmware dont allow me to access. I do not touch anything in conf files. I cech and the password file and all modules are installed very well. datails: Thanks in advance
  9. Rupert Giles

    Help choosing a new router

    I'm currently running with a Trendnet TEW-818DRU, with DD-WRT. The router works reasonably well, but the coverage in parts of my townhouse (router is on the top floor) is spotty. I'm getting ready to jettison the cable box, and just go with streaming services, so I'd like something with more...
  10. J

    Feature Request: Guest Network Icon

    New to this forum and recently bought a RT-AC88U and love it. I came from a Stock DD-WRT AC1900, but the interface sucked and was very basic. I never got around to loading ddwrt onto it and talked to a co-worker and they recommended Asus and Merlin. So, here I am. Anyway, I have setup and...