asus ac-rt88u

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  1. Saqr42

    Security camera functioning and performance with ASUS RT-AC88U

    Dears, I am considering to buy a home security camera system to be installed and connected to my home wireless network, mostly all cameras will connect in wireless mode to this home network. Will the Asus RT-AC88U be able to carry or withstand the traffic load of such cameras ? Is a 4 channel...
  2. T

    What Asus router should I buy

    I currently have an AC3100 that covers about 85% of my house. There are 2 home offices w/ multiple VoIP lines. I have Spectrum highspeed and get 300mbps wired and mid 150's wireless in most areas. However, wireless gets really sketchy in a few areas and only works "sometimes." Most of the...
  3. X

    AC-RT88u Remote access with two factor auth

    Hi Team, I am trying to find out for the last few hours on how to implement a 2-factor authentication (2FA) for my asus router which has already enabled with https for remote administration away from home. I wanted it to be extremely secure, so would like to implement a 2-factor for...