asus ac1900

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  1. F

    Asus AC1900 t-mobile Slow wifi issue Merlin ver 384.X

    Odd behavior with Merlin and asus 1900ac t-mobile edition (firmware 384.6) recently upgraded to 384.13 I grabbed this router from a slickdeal a few years back and it was rock solid after flashing to Merlin version 384.6. In the recent weeks I've noticed that the wifi has gone to hell and I've...
  2. misses esterhouse

    Asus AC1900 Failover

    Has anyone ever tried to use the usb wan port on this router? I am considering piping in a secondary ISP provider for failover. However, the secondary ISP I would like to use provides a DOCSIS cable modem and I would like to try and use a USB to Ethernet adapter to connect the USB to the Asus...