asus ac68u

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  1. G

    conflict with dnsmasq and manually assigned IPs using the DHCP server?

    I started out with a several questions. In writing this post, I answered a couple of them myself. The remaining question is; Am I creating an IP conflict by having the same IP in both configurations: dnsmasq.conf.add and DHCP servers tab? I have about a dozen manually assigned IPs using the...
  2. davo1979

    Adding Scripts to Router (WOL)

    Hello, I am trying to setup WOL to access my unraid server. I am using an app internally to turn the server on and it works perfect so WOL is setup correct and is working however when I try to do this remotely I just can't seem to get it to work. I have tried various instruction and am trying...
  3. M

    RT-AC68U VPN client successfully connect but no internet access

    Hi, I have an AC68U router which I'm using, whenever I'm not home, to connect all devices to a secure network. I've installed the latest Merlin firmware. I've configured 1 OpenVPN client and 1 L2TP client. When I enable either one of them is showing connection successful but all devices...
  4. D

    Connect Router to Two Wireless Networks

    Hello guys, I use an Asus AC68U router in bridge mode. I connect to a Wi-Fi network and stream to the computer via cable. I use two Wi-fi networks depending on the instability, always changing manually between one and the other. What I would like to know is if there is any Merlin firmware...
  5. G

    Network cable unplugged message on RT-AC68U and RT-AC86U, Android Phone is connected and able to ping sites on internet

    Windows 10 Pro, Dell Optiplex computer, an RT-AC66-U, 2 RT-AC68U's, and just bought an RT-AC86U. When connecting to the internet, with an Android cell phone, through any of them I often get "Network cable unplugged" error message and cannot access any webpages. I have tried changing NIC adapter...
  6. kitlam123hk

    Asus 4g AC 68U router : isp dhcp not functioning properly

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my sim card to unlimited usage from my ISP in HK. I found that the error "isp dhcp not functioning properly" which stops me from using tethering, I wonder if there is any proper setting can solve the problem. I have done some researches before, that some says...
  7. Mbsurfer70

    RT-AC68U Clean firmware update

    I've asus (AC68U) firmware and trying to update to Version How do you update the router manually, script? How can I run script on the GUI? What steps do I need to take after updating?
  8. L

    Problem setting up AIMESH with AC68U and TM-AC1900

    Hi! Hoping someone can help me solve this puzzle. I have an ASUS RT-AC68U, with the latest firmware installed ( ). I also acquired a TM-AC1900, which I successfully re-flashed into the same (latest) firmware as my AC68U. The TM box seems to be doing great, but...when I...
  9. S

    Asus RT-AC68R Settings in 2019

    I have been having some Wi-Fi connection issues lately and am looking for a good "recommended settings" guide, but they are all several years old. Many are also not applicable to NY City signal density. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm running the latest firmware, 384.12, but I...
  10. J

    ASUS router and NVIDIA Shield TV

    Hi all, Apparently, the ASUS RT-AC68U router has a problem with the NVIDIA Shield TV: Does anybody know if this is fixed with the Merlin FW? Or if you have any generally experience with the NVIDIA...
  11. D

    Asus rt-ac68U and VPNclietn

    Hey. The router has a DMZ configured on the home server and a white IP address to which the domain is attached. When OpenVPN Client is activated on the router, then direct access is lost on the white IP and, accordingly, in the DMZ. How to configure the router so that there is direct access...
  12. D

    Some help with Asus Merlin/fiber modem setup please

    Hi everybody I am new to all this IP/Mac address/AsusAC68U/Merlin stuff so sorry if I am asking stupid questions/doing stupid things. Firstly this is my setup Fiberhome 4 port (no wifi) modem router supplied by ISP. IP for this I believe Connected to this: Lan 4 cable attached but...
  13. D

    Help with Powerline to external building

    Hello I think I've read so much over the past few days about different solutions to the problem I'm having that I've ended up more confused than ever :) I have an Asus AC68U inside our house, which functions great and gives good WiFi over the whole house. It's placed inside the front room...
  14. P

    AC68U - 4G USB hanging up

    Hi guys! I bought Asus RT-AC68U with Huawei 4G LTE Modem. There is problem with connection stability, usb modem hang-up and i need to reconnect it manually. I've installed Asuswrt-Merlin with hope that there will be possibility to automate this process. Now I've created the script to ping...
  15. TeaDragon

    AiCloud ignores user/folder restrictions?

    Hello all, I'm running an RT-AC68U with ASUS-Merlin 380.58 at the moment. I had been using the usb disk feature with FTP. I have a few users, accessing stuff this way, but I have some folders which I made not visible to these users, with the "FTP Share" tab restrictions. I've just set up the...
  16. A


    Hi I'm running the latest Custom Firmware Merlin RT-AC68U_380.64_2.trx on my ASUS RT AC68U, everything works ok except for my NTFS Hard Drive connected via usb3.0 on the ASUS router, it cannot access on any device! Previously I had installed the ASUS Firmware and my hard drive...
  17. S

    Asus AC68U gives a half of 200 mb/s connection

    I recently upgraded to 200 mb/s connection. I have been using the stock firmware. In the last few months, the wired speed has gone down to less than the half of cable broadband speed. I also replaced the stock with Asuswrt Merlin. This has no impact at all. The ethernet speed is still 90-95...
  18. P

    port forwarding problems

    I am totally at a loss to work out whats happening here. I've used port forwarding many times in the past and for some reason now its not working. My router is an Asus AC68U running Merlins 380.63 firmware. My isp connection is public, I have ddns(dnsomatic) setup and working and a managed dns...
  19. JoyceBabu

    Router for small office with vpn

    I am planning to buy a new router for a small office. The total office area is 850 sqft, partitioned into three rooms. There will be around 20 connected devices. I wish to install TomatoUSB on the new router, and configure OpenVPN on it. The VPN won't be used heavily. It will be used only for...
  20. Gotcha

    errors in asus router vpn

    I have a question about the VPN connection to my router with synology I have therefore set up on my Synology NAS server and turned a openVPN Then I my router, AC68U the ovpn file put it Then I only have the Server Address and Port changes, and The username and password When turned on the...