asus ac87u

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  1. M

    RT-AC87U - missing smart connect

    Hello, I'm new on this forum and recently bought RT-AC87U. It's perfect to me, except for missing "smart connect" function, which I was used with former TpLink router (I would like to use effectively the same SSID for 2.4 GHz and also 5GHz) . Is there any chance that Asus firmware (maybe...
  2. Pork

    Losing Web Access Daily

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question on, so please let me know. For the last couple of days (maybe 3), I have had to unplug and replug my ASUS AC3200 router running the latest Merlin firmware. IRC works fine, SMTP, IMAP work fine, but HTTP and HTTPS just stop working...
  3. W

    AT&T Uverse best own router setup

    I have recently got the gigapower gigabit service from AT&T. I have an Asus ac87u and I would like to get rid of the AT&T gateway. From what I have read it is impossible. I am curious what the best way to hook up your own router up. Do they use MAC address of the gateway to authenticate to the...
  4. T

    Asus rt-87 with 3g and redial

    Hi, After my 3g connection gets terminated I get a error msg saying disconnect script failed - terminating with signal 15. Today its solved by doing a restart_wan and then I wait 180 sec if still down I do a reboot. After the reboot is done everything is fine again but I would like to avoid the...
  5. JoyceBabu

    Router for small office with vpn

    I am planning to buy a new router for a small office. The total office area is 850 sqft, partitioned into three rooms. There will be around 20 connected devices. I wish to install TomatoUSB on the new router, and configure OpenVPN on it. The VPN won't be used heavily. It will be used only for...