asus ac88u

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  1. F

    Got some routers, need help.

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. So I have been searching for some information or a help perhaps. I really dont know much about routers and I need help with those. Got some routers with me and I dont know if they work or broken so I will start with each model and the problem, perhaps u could suggest...
  2. H

    Asus Network design

    I am designing a network for several buildings over a reasonable area (not sure how many sq feet), but i estimate, ideally, it will require: A mesh capable primary router - I have 2 x AC88U and 1 x AX89X I think 4 x node routers - I have amassed 6 x AC68U a largish switch - I have a netgear 24...
  3. V

    [help] ASUS AC88U - Can't get vpn server working

    I have an Asus AC-88U on Merlin 386.9. I have followed every tutorial to set up a VPN server or VPN client without a VPN service. I can get it connected but it never masked my IP address. It's always my ISP WAN ip address. Then when I redirect all traffic it won't connect to any web pages. Do I...
  4. C

    Latency on ASUS AC88U? + BQM

    Hi guys! When using my ASUS router with Virgin Media Gig1 (Hub 4) in modem mode I seem to get increased latency. This takes my in-game ping from 10-15ms to 60-120ms. Is there anyway to reduce this other than ditch my ASUS router? Speeds are okay 950-1103Mbps down. Everything is wired CAT 7...
  5. metz

    Strange DHCP Issue

    Hi All, First post on here, I have a really odd DHCP issue. Windows Devices are able to obtain an IP Address and work without issue, however iOS and Andrioid just get a IP! If I set the IP manually on a mobile device it works for a while but then cuts out (WiFi shows as...
  6. I

    Please can someone advise.... AC88U Issues

    I have just changed my router from a N66U to a AC88U and restored from a back up to save time. I have been having issues with devices not been able to connect to the internet from time to time and on 2 occasions not been able to connect at all and the 5g wifi light is off. I have attached a...
  7. N

    Mash Network vs Extender Long range

    Hi all, I am currently faced with the following problem. At my new place I am trying to expend my WiFi signal. Due to structure limitation, the position of the router and the idea position of the extender/repeated are fixed (no possibility to reduce the distance). There are no LAN cable...
  8. A

    Dual WAN Loading Balance prevent accessing few websites

    Hello there, Before I begin explaining my issue I want tot thank every active member who is trying to help other users (specially Merlin). I'm facing an issue with Dual WAN loading balance feature in my RT-AC88u router, running Merlin firmware. Whats I'm trying to achieve, my physical...