asus merlin site vpn

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    Asus Merlin Tor Settings - Can I apply for specific port(s), not just MAC(s)?

    I am using the Tor settings on my rt-ac3200 to successfully protect traffic on one of my Synology NAS'. Everything works properly but ideally I want to only route traffic from a specific port on the NAS. Since I have other apps running on the NAS, specifically CrashPlan backing up to the cloud...
  2. N

    Site-to-site vpn with asuswrt-merlin

    Hi, i want to create a site to site vpn connection with 2 asus router with asuswrt-merlin 380.58. 1. network = asus rt-ac88u ( with dhcp on) (OpenVPN server) [VPN IP for clients 10.20.0.X] 2. network = asus rt-ac3200 ( with dhcp on) (OpenVPN client) i have a stable vpn...