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  1. J

    Internet problems with ac88u last merlin

    Hello, I have internet problems with ac88u, wifi ac only have 192 mbps connection, and before i had 866mbps. The big problem came with whatsapp whatsapp video calls, I see and hear them but they don't see or hear me. I was looking for this error and only found nat deactivation and this solved...
  2. P

    Asus Merlin OpenVPN Server and DD-WRT Client not working together

    Hi I wonder if someone can take a look at my configuration and help me solve my problem ... I have a desire to use my home (UK) Asus RT-87U flashed with Asus Merlin firmware as my DNS proxy given that I travel quite a bit and particularly to one other EU location regularly and wish to use BBC...
  3. R

    Use wifi makes crash my ASUS RT-AC86u

    Hello, the fact of using the wifi makes that I lose the connection of my router, then the connection returns after one minute. I am currently under the latest version of merlin (stable) and have tried the official version of ASUS but the result is the same. I already did nvram erase and factory...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] post own events to asus merlin system log

    Hi, is it possible to post an event to the syslog from a sh script on /jffs? I found logger but "logger -s -p Testing" doesnt do it. cheers Chris
  5. K

    Asus Merlin Diversion activ?

    Hello my friends. Unfortunately, my english is not very good and I am trying to work with the google translator here. For me it is very difficult to find the right settings with the translation. I installed Asus Merlin and run a VPN client there. I am completely satisfied and now I would like...
  6. M

    VPN/DDNS set up on multiple NAT environment

    Hello, I have recently moved to a new place where my ISP uses PPPoE as a method of connecting to the internet. Basically I do not have any modem in-between and the connection goes directly into the main router. In my case an Asus 68U. I have to input the ISP provided username and password to...
  7. Y

    Asus RT-AC68U OpenVPN Web UI Advanced mode bug

    On Asus RT-AC68U Firmware Version: 384.8_2 On VPN Server - OpenVPN page Client will use VPN to access [LAN only, Internet only, Both] setting is not available if VPN Details is set to Advanced Settings It is still possible to set this setting in General mode then switch to Advanced Settings and...
  8. J

    Asus AC-5300 (Asus Merlin) and Portal Wifi

    Thank you all for reading this first off. Here is what I am attempting to accomplish and wanted some opinions and data points around then best approach to a solution. Here is my goal: With using what I have already can i configure and setup a solid wifi network. What I have: 1 Asus AC-5300...
  9. D

    Illegal instruction for every entware app/command on RT-AC86U

    I get 'Illegal instruction' when running any Entware app/command. Trying to run the setup script generates the same error. The problem appeared suddenly, and I'm clueless what can be the cause. Anyone had the same problem before? I'm using the latest Asus Merlin firmware.
  10. A

    best firmware for fine tuning access control? have ASUS ac56u and using Asus Merlin, but no linux...

    I need access controls for myself. Yes, kind of pathetic, but I'm quite the internet junkie and need to find tune access (more time-based for specific clients than blocking specific urls or classes of pages). I am using Asus Merlin and am generally very happy with it, but a lot of its use for...
  11. E

    OpenVPN very slow speeds on brand new AC86u Merlin

    Hi all, Long time reader, newly registered and first created thread. I searched for an answer to my problems, but have not had success. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get, here's my issue all with ethernet connection: I have a brand new Asus AC86U with latest Merlin firmware...
  12. A

    Bridge Mode

    Hello, I´ve been searching for a solution on the web with no success. I had my internet setup with ASUS RT-AC56U connected to the ONT and the ISP router connected to the lan4 of the Asus, and everything was running fine, but the ISP, changed the hardware and now I have ONT and router in the...
  13. elrengo

    rutorrent fail to autenticate

    Hi! Today morning my installation of rutorrent in my asus [AC3100] with Merlin 382.1_2 firmware dont allow me to access. I do not touch anything in conf files. I cech and the password file and all modules are installed very well. datails: Thanks in advance
  14. Samosa

    OpenVPN RT-AC5300

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone could advise me please as to what i'm doing wrong. I've setup NordVPN openVPN client on Asus Merlin and all seems to be working when testing. The devices which i want to use the VPN tunnel (rules policy) seem to be working fine and doesnt return...
  15. ColonelStrike

    Issues with my AC-87u and Merlin firmware ...

    Hey everyone, I've searched and I've tried to resolve myself my problem but didn't succeeded ... I have a RT-AC-87u since 3 weeks and I've directly installed Merlin firmware on my router. Since the beginning, I've got a few issues with it. The UPNP doesn't work (ports are not open...
  16. M

    Aicloud app issue

    I tried to setup Aicloud with the latest Asus Merlin. I works great in browsers, but I cannot connect using the IOS app. When I try to login tje the credentials, it keeps connecting and the aicloud log shows that I am logged in but not. Please help thanks!
  17. A

    Traffic monitor issue with Chrome

    Hi sorry if this may have been aleady asked somewhere in the forum but I'm unable to find any discussion on this issue. I have a RT-AC68 with Asus Merlin 380.65_4 firmware, but the issue is present at least in all 380.65_x firmwares I tried and only using Chrome browser. Opening the Traffic...
  18. T

    ASUS RT-N12 D1

    Is there any Asus merlin firmware for the RT-N12 d1 if so could someone please send me a link to download the file thanks in advance
  19. R

    Asus-Merlin: Route vpn client to connected VPN server? [OpenVPN]

    Hi, I have an ac68 that acts as a openvpn server. At my paretns house I have a ubuntu server that has openvpn server too. Beside using ac68 as a vpn server, its connected as a client to the ubuntu server, with the following redirect rule: VPN Flow chart...
  20. B

    How to properly setup Roaming on two ro more ASUS routers ?

    Hi, Is there a way to setup seamless roaming on two or more asus routers ? I have 2 connected via lan cable, first AC68 as Wireless Router, second AC66 as Access Point. When I walk around my house with a ongoing voip call or just browsing on IOS devices, connection stalls and I get time outs...