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  1. E

    Bug found in Brazil --> Parental Control x Amazon Prime|Disney+

    Dear all, First of all thanks for the proposal and firmware development. I realize that if I have the Parental Controls - Time Scheduling turned on in an TV device (wired) with Amazon Prime or Disney+, them do not load the video (the moment that is used is not restricted in this event)...
  2. R

    ASUS RT-AX88U Network Segmentation (Help Needed)

    Hello Everyone, I have been a long-term window lurker on SNB. The forums have been quite helpful in the past. I finally signed up, and have a few questions of my own. Hoping someone could help me achieve the setup I need or just tell me if it is not possible at all. My hardware includes: 1...
  3. K

    FlexQoS RT-AX86U (Asus Merlin 388.2_2) || FlexQoS Not Starting

    Hello All, I am having a bit of trouble with FlexQoS. I keep getting TC Modification Delayed Start, into it giving the same error every three minutes. Normally I would ignore this, but every time this this error pops up, I notice a spike in latency when I am playing a game. It is very annoying...
  4. K

    Asus XT8 Mesh - FW upgrade - 404

    HI, After some advice please peeps. 2 x XT8 Mesh, 1 Router, 1 Node. Both running 388.1_0-gnuton1 I have the notification saying there is an upgrade available, 388.2_2-gnuton1 I am directed to the link below, but it 404's on me.
  5. zer0bitz

    AdguardHome timezone

    I was trying to install AdguardHome today, but when installing it asks for a timezone/location but it never gives me a list of them. Could someone provide full list so I can continue install?
  6. K

    Help with IPSEC connection in ASUS RT-AX3000

    Hi I'm new here. I'm trying to connect an Asus RT-AX3000 with a Navigateworx NR300 using IPSEC (NR300 is using 4G). First I test my IPSEC server by connecting an iphone and it works, but when I try to connect my NR300 it doesn't work. Checking in the IPSEC log from the Asus i can't see what is...
  7. SheikhSheikha

    Asus Merlin vs SSL (SSTP) VPN

    Got a private server access issued today that I can access with Cisco Anyconnect. It would be easier if I can configure that on my Asus router Can I configure Asus Merlin with an SSL (SSTP) VPN Client. (I have no clue if this is possible and if so how where to look). Any input is highly...

    Please , I need Good Router with VPN

    Dear's I am new here just now signed up and i am more than happy i am here to learn from you for networks Unfortunately i Bought AX-3000 V2 but unfortunately its not supported by asus merlin , and the only reason for buy it because i want all functions working I will try to refund my money...
  9. H

    RT-AC86U - can I upload the router settings via command line, from a USB drive?

    Hello everyone, on an Asus Merlin router (I have RT-AC86U), is it possible to upload a saved file of router settings via command line, logged into the router via ssh? (You ordinarily do this at the Admin menu - Restore/Save/Upload settings). I would probably have to use a USB drive plugged into...
  10. kushari

    ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Firmware Upgrade Unsuccessful Error

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to update my ZenWifi Pro ET12 AI Mesh router and node to Merlin to unlock the extra features it provides. I've tried on Brave browser, and Firefox. A few seconds after I upload the file XT12_386.7_0_nand_squashfs.pkgtb I get an error saying firmware upgrade unsuccessful...
  11. J

    RT-AX88U Asus Merlin - uncontrolled restart - log

    Today, once this week, the router was restarted during normal operation, can any of you check what is written in this log? THANKS!
  12. D

    Wireguard officially on AX-routers?

    Anyone know which AX-routers that officially support Wireguard. And have anyone tried it?
  13. isaiah

    Cannot update Asus RT-AC68U

    HI There, I am trying for a long time to run the wireguard protocol for our Asus router (RT-AC 68U). Each time I upload the firmware It does not upgrade. I am currently running the standard stock original Asus firmware, I would sincerly appreciate anyones help as I have been trying this for...
  14. N

    Instant guard RT-AC2900

    Instant guard seems not to work on RT-AC2900 even though it is the same hardware and firmware as RT-AC86U. My Asus AC2900 router is found in the instant guard app but it says not supported router. Can this please be fixed in the merlin Firmware? I had DDNS and remote weblogin enabled when I...
  15. M

    Guest Network not working in Firmware 386.2_2

    Last night I updated my RT-AC68P to ver 386.2_2 (from 384.18). Everything was working fine under the old firmware. After upgrading the router to the new firmware, I did a factory restore and reconfigured everything from scratch. Everything seems to work except for my Guest network SSIDs...
  16. S

    spdmerlin - error running test

    Hi, I started noticing my spdmerlin hasn't been running automatically so I tried to run it manually to see if it works and it tells me "error running speedtest". I uninstalled and reinstalled spdmerlin but still telling me there's an error running speedtest.
  17. S

    Displaying skynet stats on my localhost

    I was interested in creating a file on my localhost that would allow me to pull the skynet statistics / the stock dashboards in the ASUS GUI. Does anyone have any experience that could point me in the right direction. I know enough around python and php to get in trouble, definitely still a noob...
  18. J

    Internet problems with ac88u last merlin

    Hello, I have internet problems with ac88u, wifi ac only have 192 mbps connection, and before i had 866mbps. The big problem came with whatsapp whatsapp video calls, I see and hear them but they don't see or hear me. I was looking for this error and only found nat deactivation and this solved...
  19. P

    Asus Merlin OpenVPN Server and DD-WRT Client not working together

    Hi I wonder if someone can take a look at my configuration and help me solve my problem ... I have a desire to use my home (UK) Asus RT-87U flashed with Asus Merlin firmware as my DNS proxy given that I travel quite a bit and particularly to one other EU location regularly and wish to use BBC...
  20. R

    Use wifi makes crash my ASUS RT-AC86u

    Hello, the fact of using the wifi makes that I lose the connection of my router, then the connection returns after one minute. I am currently under the latest version of merlin (stable) and have tried the official version of ASUS but the result is the same. I already did nvram erase and factory...