asus routers

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    New router suggestions please. AES-Ni? VPN

    Hi everyone, I need to buy a new router since i'm moving, i've been using a AX86U for the past couple of years and it has been solid. I have to leave that at my old place and wanted some recommendations for newer/better models if available. Currently dont have any wifi 6e devices, so can save...
  2. C

    Need an AiMesh (2nd router) recommendation.

    Hi all. Ok, 6 mos. or so I replaced my older ASUS dual band router with my current RT AC-5300 because I accumulated more devices in need of WiFi. My house, a medium sized 4 bedroom is all lathe & plaster and 2 rooms are far apart seperated by multiple walls. When I purchased the AC-5300 I did...
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    Matching Routers & Access Points

    Be patient if this is a simple process as I'm relatively inexperienced in this area. I recently replaced my ASUS RT-AC66W (flawless) with an ASUS RT-AC5300 which I really like outside of it's footprint. I was in the process of selling off my AC66W when I started reading about Access points. I...
  4. D

    ASUS F/W and 50702 OpenVPN passwords are "-"

    I have a number of ASUS routers I have updated to firmware versions or 50702 - these are typically older routers like the single core AC66U/R, N66U/R, AC1750, etc. With the these two firmware versions, the OpenVPN passwords are hidden in the Username/Password table, and a "-"...