asus rt ax58u

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  1. L

    Very Slow SMB over over RT-AX58U

    Hello, I'm experiencing a problem with SMB over my RT-AX58U, both wireless and wired. Most of my network is hardwired through a layer 2 switch, which in turn is connected to the AX58U to act as my router and gateway. My network includes a very fast NAS (SSDs, RAID5) that transfers data at...
  2. B

    RT-AX58 DNS_PROBE_STARTED no internet, long connection

    Dear All, I have had a problem with the network for several months. I tried all the available tips that I found on this forum and on others, unfortunately the problem persists. The point is that the main router RT-AX58U and the two that work in AP mode (2xRT-AC67U) connect all clients to the...
  3. T

    Cannot resolve/change local domain

    I have an RT-AX58U, running latest 386.4. I can't seem to change the '.local' domain to anything else. I was using DNSFilter but have since turned it off. No matter what I put in the Router's domain name (like home or lan), it still only resolves 'router.local' instead of 'router.lan'. However...
  4. torstein

    Upgrade to AX68U from AX58U, worth it?

    I have the AX58U and it works fine, but it bothers me that it only has 2x2 MIMO and that it apparently has an early draft of the WiFi6-standard, and as such not "Certified WiFi6". The AX68U is now on sale in my country for 40% off roughly. Is it worth the upgrade to AX68U? I mostly just...
  5. R

    AX58U - How to setup to allow Oculus Quest 2 as only device on 5Ghz and propper settings

    Just setup a new AX58U to replace my very old TP-Link N600 from 2012. I want to set it up so that my VR headset which supports Wifi6 is the only think on that channel so I can play PC VR Games. I've search the forum as well as google but most tutorials show setting it up with TP Link AX...
  6. P

    AX86U performing worse than AX82U

    I did a test of the AX58U, AX82U, and AX86U. Out of the 3 I was most surprised at the AX86U results. It performed alright, but definitely not as good as the AX82U. Any ideas? The AX82U achieved 50 Mbps+ better than the AX86U. The AX86U should be better right? Thanks in advance!