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  1. W

    FlexQoS real time stats added to a file for node_exporter

    First of all thank so much for flexqos! I have been using this on a RT-AC68U for a few years now. Currently on flexqos 1.41 I found a github repo and currently going through the files, but am having trouble finding where flexqos.asp get its data for the current rates? The ultimate goal I am...
  2. A


    Hello guys,question is,my router always on vpn,how can I exclude from vpn only one app which is install on firetv stick ?.In vpn provider settings(in my case is Astrill) have 4 options 1)All Wi-Fi thrue vpn 2)Exclude this sites 3)Only this sites 3)Only international sites out of China I tried...
  3. E

    Web proxy running locally on ASUS Router

    Hello. First of all, my knowledge about networks and routers is minimal. Perhaps the thread title isn't correct. Let me try to explain what I need/want to do. My company recently started blocking URL access using Windows Defender. No matter where I am, access to those websites is blocked at...
  4. S

    VyprVPN configuration (160-bit) on AsusMerlin 386.7_2 - RT AX56U

    Hi Guys, as the title says , I am using Asusmerlin 386.7_2 on Asus RT-AX56U and I wanted to configure VyprVPN in the VPN client section. I want to use the 160-bit openvpn since its much faster , less secure than 256 I know but I will be using it for a specific device through VPN DIRECTOR policy...
  5. kushari

    ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Firmware Upgrade Unsuccessful Error

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to update my ZenWifi Pro ET12 AI Mesh router and node to Merlin to unlock the extra features it provides. I've tried on Brave browser, and Firefox. A few seconds after I upload the file XT12_386.7_0_nand_squashfs.pkgtb I get an error saying firmware upgrade unsuccessful...
  6. T

    Scribe asus merlin scribe autostart

    I have asus ac86u with asusmerlin firmware 386.3_2 Why does after install asus merlin scribe syslog-ng does not added to autostart? After reboot router I must start scribe syslog-ng manually every time becouse it is not running. How do add asus merlin scribe syslog-ng to autostart?
  7. T

    Entware /opt/lib/ file too short on merlin firmware

    I have asus ac86u router with asusmerlin 386.3_2 firmware and opkg package manager. I have discovered that for some installed packages "/opt/lib/ file too short" error has appeared. For All packages latests availible versions were installed. For examle RT-AC86U-C920:/tmp/home/root#...
  8. I

    Asus OpenVPN Server not connecting

    Hi, Having an issue with the OpenVPN server not connecting. When I reboot the router I am able to login with the VPN connection and after I close the connection for the first time I am not able to connect a second time. I also am noticing a shady IP address that I do not recognize in the VPN...
  9. A

    Troubleshooting/Development on VM systems

    Hey everyone, I've been scouring Google and forums, but can't seem to get a decent (or at least a comfortable) answer to this question. Maybe I wasn't using the right keywords, etc, but please lend me your knowledge. The main unit I use is an Asus with Merlin If I want to create a virtual...
  10. halsafar

    AC86U - Lose WiFi on all devices - Disassoc Event Spam - Upgraded from 384.17 to 384.19

    This started happening as soon as I upgrade from 384.17 to 384.19. About 10 minutes after a reboot the log is filling with this message for every WiFi device every ~30s or so: Dec 13 10:38:28 wlceventd: WLCEVENTD wlceventd_proc_event(481): eth5: Disassoc [redacted], status: 0, reason...
  11. S

    webinteface no https - 384.16_1-geda9010451 on RT-AC88U

    Hello, i'm a n00b on asus - merlin and a beginner few days since a have the asus merlin router. Flashed with ASUSWRT-Merlin RT-AC88U 384.16_1-geda9010451 on RT-AC88U. Webinterface Port 80 works and the https port wont work. Make TLS Handshake in firefox but then connection break and no...
  12. masterjx9

    How to setup site-to-site TUN connect with 2 Asus routers (Video draft)

    I am working on an indepth video on how to setup a site-to-site connection with 2 asus routers. So far I have created my "Quick talk" part of my video where I explain everything very fast. I did this so that people who watch the full video aren't bored with stuff they may already know. The...
  13. S

    RT-AC68, IP not updating in DDNS, using mobile hotspot & Openvpn

    Using an Asus Rt-AC68p router with latest Asuswrt-Merlin installed. I have a mobile hotspot (At&t) connected to its USB port and USB activated in the router. My computer is connected to the router and an internet connection is successful with this arraignment and my computer has a reported...
  14. T

    How to access 2nd router (ASUS RT-AC68U) login page while on main router (Fios G1100) WiFi network?

    Hello! I'm wondering if this is possible, please let me know. My setup is currently: Summary: ASUS router is behind the Fios Router 1.Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway G1100 (connection shared via Ethernet cord Fios LAN to ASUS WAN) 2. ASUS RT-AC68U running asuswrt-merlin 384.7.2 Issue: I...
  15. MeatSection

    BGW-210 with route behind Static IPS

    Let me first say I appreciate everyone's input from the beginning and yes I have searched and spent time on the horn with ATT. I get a different answer and result from nearly everyone I know of. I am trying to setup BGW-210 -> Asus RT66U -> Manage Switch -> Servers (w/static IP block) I do...
  16. G

    Poor VPN speed when using Asus OpenVPN Client

    Hi, I made a comparison of a couple of VPN providers in connection to internet speed, when configuring an Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 router with DD-WRT firmware inside. Using the DD-WRT OpenVPN client function to have the router encrypting all traffic directly. You can read about the review in this...
  17. E

    Checking and adjusting TX power

    I have a brand new ac 1900p that I'm using strictly as an AP. I'd like to know where to check the current TX power settings and make a change (within acceptable parameters) if possible.
  18. G

    Asus DDNS Cloudflare

    Hi, I appear to be having issues with getting the ddns-start to work, I am using the below script named ddns-start in the location /jffs/scripts/, which when ran does not seem to throw any errors, however my cloudflare dns does not appear to update. In addition I have set the DDNS in the...
  19. S

    Multiple vulnerabilities in Asus routers

    I am not an expert in security, but while doing a search on google regarding Asus Merlin and trying to figure out if alternate firmware for my new Asus TM-AC1900 ( ie. RT-AC68U) i ran into this webpage that discusses security issues with Asus routers. I have not...
  20. B

    FQ_codel adaptive qos--blufferboat issue--gaming

    iSB8200 docsis 3.1 modem / RT-AC87 --Merlin 380.67 / Comcast 150/20 usually tests at 180/25. I've been experimenting with fq_codel adaptive qos. When I set it for automatic rates, I get the same results as if wow is turned off--regardless of where I set the wan packet overhead. My...