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  1. Sven Golly

    Problem with SAMBA / USB / RT-AC56R / authentication.

    BACKGROUND: I love my RT-AC56R. It works well 90% of the time. Thinking I could extend its life a bit, I installed FreshTomato on it. Bad move. Way too complicated and I found that configuring a 2nd guest network would literally remove internet access from the ethernet ports. So after going down...
  2. E

    VPN Users DB\Table needs to be rebuilt often

    Router: RT-AX86U Ver.386.3_2 I have had this issue over the past couple of ver. iterations where my VPN users encounter a soft auth error. The only fix is to remove and re-add their profiles to the VPN settings. Not sure what the cause is, or if it's connected to any other actions on my end...
  3. R

    Disabling OpenVPN encryption/auth completely

    I need to disable all CPU intensive aspects of OpenVPN, I understand this defeats the point of using a VPN, but I don't use a VPN to be "secure", per se. I have been forced into using a VPN because of my ISPs abysmal routing, so my only solution is to connect to a local server which provides...
  4. M

    PAP (instead of CHAP) for pppoe

    Hi All, This has been an issue that comes and goes, but non of my searches gave me a recent solution: I have an AC68U, FW 380_65 My provider insists I use pap to authenticate my pppoe (fiberglass) connection. My connection is systematically refused (or at least- I fail to connect). My last...
  5. E

    Unstable primary router - rock solid secondary router: please help

    Greetings: I recently setup a home network using two routers: one for a private network (with file sharing, print sharing, etc.) and the other for a guest network with no shares or access to the private network. The routers are tied together on different floors of a two story home using MoCA...
  6. Aaron Ezekiel

    PPPOE WAN Authentication with CenturyLink

    I'm having problems getting the WAN side of my ASUS RT-AC66U running Merlin 380.59 to authenticate with CneturyLinl VDSL over an ActionTec C1000a DSL modem in bridged mode. II'm trying to switch to bridging-only mode so I don't effectively have 2 routers in front of my home LAN. I know I have...