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  1. M

    AX82U issues with WAN port going down every day

    Hello! At my wits end with an issue, hoping somewhere here can provide some insight. Issue: My WAN port is going down roughly once a day at various times. Temporary fix: Connect a computer to the WAN port and run dhcp release and renew commands, then reconnect the WAN port back to the modem...
  2. X

    AX82U vLANs

    Hello I flashed AsusWRT on my AX82U and use it in Access point mode where one LAN port connect to FW with DHCP etc. I want to create guest IoT SSID on the Asus and make port to fw a trunk port. And assign tags to IoT SSID. Seen a few posts but most use router in routing mode. Anyone can let me...
  3. ItzJbenZ

    AX11000 Pro (Main) and AX82U (AiMesh Node)

    Just picked up the AX11000 PRO to pair with my original AX82U. Decided to go with this route instead of going with an Orbi, eero etc. I have it set up with wireless backhaul 5 GH-2. The only concern is the wifi speeds. When connected to the AX11000 PRO (Main), right next to it, I get about...
  4. J

    AX88U half of ISP speed over lan

    Hello, I seen couple of posts about this issue, but seems like never was sorted or people didn't put how their story ended up I have Aimesh system with main router is ISP one in modem mode, connected to main Aimesh via wan ===> AX88U ===> connected wia lan to node AX82U ====> AX82U connected to...
  5. R

    Inbound Firewall Rules on 388 firmware

    Hello! I have upgraded to the 388 firmware and i notice theres a new firewall section for IPv4, however i cant seem to truly understand what it is for and what it does, as there is no explaination on both webui and asus website, does someone maybe know? Is it any similar to what we get in...
  6. D

    Redirect DNS queries

    I have recently setup a RT-AX82U running the stock firmware. I have setup the router to use cloudflare for DNS and I would like to force all clients on the network to use the router’s DNS setting, regardless of any settings made on the client devices. Initially I created firewall rules to drop...
  7. M

    RT-AX82U Unable to Access Connected USB

    I just setup an RT-AX82U router (Firmware and I attached a 4Tb USB SSD to the router. I have read several forum posts and watched countless videos on the setup, for the most they are all the same. I run Windows 11 and enabled SMBv1. The USB drive shows but when I select it...
  8. J

    AX and AC routers Aimesh mix

    Hello guys, i am noob in this AIMESH questions I have main router AX88U and node AX56U, i am not really happy about this node so i ordered AX82U and i wish to connect them without cables. And also i have AC86U, i know it's one of the best AC routers on market. So my question is if my wireless...