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  1. M

    Random clients cannot connect to network - DHCP cannot be contacted

    RT-AX88U running in AP mode with a RT-AC68U as an AiMesh Node. DHCP and DNS are running over two Windows 2019 Servers with load balancing. The AX88U is plugged directly in to a Netgate Firewall running pfSense. The AC68U is hard wired to the AX88U for its backhaul for the AiMesh network...
  2. B

    RT-AX88U Parental Controls with Time Scheduling problems

    Over the holidays I finally took the plunge on upgrading my wireless network. I retired my old RT-N66Rs (also running Merlin) and and replaced them with an RT-AX88U (running Merlin 386.1_beta3 ) working as the main router, and then a RP-AC1900 (running stock
  3. ppat

    AX88U behind ISP router- Internet drops/VPN/ISP DHCP does not function

    Hello folks, I am in definite need of some serious help with my new AX88U, please do read through what I have tried so far. I am having internet drops (ASUS router status shows: "Internet disconnected"), and for some reason if it does manage to stay up for a while then it stops working with...
  4. J

    AX and AC routers Aimesh mix

    Hello guys, i am noob in this AIMESH questions I have main router AX88U and node AX56U, i am not really happy about this node so i ordered AX82U and i wish to connect them without cables. And also i have AC86U, i know it's one of the best AC routers on market. So my question is if my wireless...
  5. M

    AX88U main router with AX92U AiMesh nodes cannot use Wifi 6

    I can use Wifi6 on AX88U connected clients fine, but when I switch to AX92U, it always uses only AC. AX92U uses the 2nd 5GHz channel as backhaul link. This is also the one which supports AX. And there is a FAQ page explaining how to get the network to work with AX for clients, instead for...
  6. amplatfus

    Huawei USB 3G dongle on AC88U = online vs. on AX88U = offline because of DHCP

    Dear community, I tried to solve this issue from some time. What is happening. I am trying to use a Huawei USB 3G to connect to the interent, but anything I have tried I got same error only on AX88U: Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly. On AC88U tha connection is working without any...
  7. D

    Ax88u wtfast Internal error. Session cache inconsistency

    Hi everyone, I configured the wtfast settings and was already logged in without issues. The router logged me out after adding some changes (dont recall which exact changes they were) and it now complains with error"internal error. Session cache inconsistency" when trying to login to the wtfast...
  8. J

    Need more Wifi Range / Speed Asus AX88 vs AX86u

    Hi All, First post here as I need some help. So in my apartment where I live I currently have an Asus AC1200g+ which has been going on for around 4 years and has been great. The issue is that we are starting to stream content all around the apartment and some devices do not support 5ghz. The...
  9. T

    AX88U - Channel wifi aimesh nodes - DFS/non DFS

    Hello, I am facing a problem that I do not quite understand. I have an AX88U router and an AX92U. The first is configured as the main router and the second as the aimesh node. When I look at the 5ghz wifi channel (which is automatic) it is on 100. When I try to select a channel manually in the...
  10. amplatfus

    [solved] A kind request for RT-AX88U owners about GMAC3 mode

    Hi dear RT-AX88U owners, Could you please help me to find out if RT-AX88U have GMAC3 or not? I have GMAC3 on RT-AC88U and it is set a limit to me when enable some etables rules in firewall. For instance if I want to drop 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz traffic to one IP, only the rule with 2.4Ghz is working...
  11. B

    ASUS RT-AX88U - Can someone tell me what this means

    I see this pattern of entries in my system log. They repeat at varying intervals. Appreciate any help. Jul 17 07:32:19 kernel: eth3 (Ext switch port: 2) (Logical Port: 10) (phyId: a) Link DOWN. Jul 17 07:32:23 kernel: eth3 (Ext switch port: 2) (Logical Port: 10) (phyId: a) Link UP at 1000 mbps...
  12. superkrups20056

    Best Merlin router settings for a double-NAT environment?

    Hey guys, I have what I feel is an unavoidable Double-NAT setup. I am getting internet from my landlord who is considerate enough to allowing me to use his wifi, but he also uses it with his devices. I have a Merlin configured AX-88U, which is connected via ethernet to an AmpliFi node getting a...
  13. R

    AIMesh node (RT-3100) username & password

    Hi All, Need to upgrade my AImesh node (ASUS RT-3100) firmware. On the main Router (ASUS RT-AX88U), I go to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade and click on Upload for the AIMesh Node. I am presented with a login screen to the AIMesh Node. I don't recall ever seeing that before. Anyways, I...
  14. d1t

    ASUS RT-AX88U drops connection every 5-20mins for 5s-2mins.

    When this happens my upload traffic spikes up to 90-300Mb/s. WRT-Merlin is not the issue here, it was installed to try and fix the issue. Been trying to solve this for a while, and have yet to have any success. Anytime I look for an answer, I end up on this forum, so I thought maybe someone here...
  15. adv3

    RT-AX88U - 384.17 - WPA3 issues

    Hi there, iOS 13 drops the connection after a few seconds and unable to re-connect to wpa3 networks, even if the network is set to wpa3/2 mixed mode: Jun 10 02:19:09 acsd: eth7: selected channel spec: 0xe03a (52/80) Jun 10 02:19:09 acsd: eth7: Adjusted channel spec: 0xe03a (52/80) Jun 10...
  16. prom3theu5

    Looking for advice AX88U Channels.

    Hi all Decided to retire my n66u, and take the plunge to wifi 6 while stuck at home in lockdown - like so many others it seems considering kit is sold out everywhere lol. Previously was running this, along with two Unify AP-Lite's as a bridge. The Story / Current Setup I'm on Virgin media...
  17. M

    Rt-AX92U in bridgemode unable to connect to AX88U

    Hey guys I am new here but a frequent visitor for so many tips and tricks about ASUS Routers and the Merlin firmware. Ok my problem: I have a AX88U as my main WiFi and want to Bride full speed wifi 6 4x4 to another router so I can connect some clients via LAN. I know Running a Lan cable and a...
  18. gspannu

    What are you running? DNSCrypt or Unbound?

    What do you run on your router? Unbound or DNSCrypt? (or both?) It would also be good to know why you use/ recommend one over the other? I am aware that some people run DNSCrypt, Unbound or both on Raspberry Pi along with Pi-Hole. Would also like to have feedback from such users on the same...
  19. F

    CPU one always at 100%

    Hi, I have the AX88U and from a long time i watch that the cpu number one always runs at 100%. Recently, I upgraded to the version 384.17 of Asuswrt-Merlin and have the same problem. With top I see that the problem is the process "skb_free_task". I try to kill it but doesn't die. How can I fix it?
  20. I

    Wondering about Wi-Fi 6 routers and how they currently function

    Hi I was wondering about Wi-Fi 6 routers and how they currently function, would appreciate some advice: Background: Initially, I had two Netgear AC routers (R7800), one acting as main router and other as access point. Sometime ago, I bought Asus RT-AX88U, however, it had some issues handshaking...