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  1. L

    Trying to access Raspberry Pi through OpenVPN via Android

    Hey guys, sorry in advance if I sound like a noob but I don’t often ask questions online. What I’m aiming to do is a bit of a doozie in terms of difficulty (at least to me). Basically, I set up an always-on Raspberry Pi BitTorrent box. On that Raspberry Pi is a samba and SFTP shared external...
  2. D

    Uploading with Download Master stagnates on RT-AC68U

  3. M

    Connect Transmission running on router through OpenVPN

    Hi All, Thanks for all of the amazing information you have provided on this site - I just got my RT-AC68U and have been reading this site for the last few days - there is some great stuff going on here! One thing I just can't seem to get clear is how to set the following up - I was hoping it...