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  1. kc6108

    SNB and Ads

    Hi, In the spirit of supporting SNB, I like to know how to not block ads on this site only. Right now I am seeing this at the top of my screen: Hi there, If you are a regular SNBForums user, please disable your ad and/or tracking blocker for this site. Ads make it possible for us to provide...
  2. F

    dnsmasq blacklist filtering

    Hi. I've got an ASUS RT-AC68U with merlin 380.65. I've configured DNSCrypt using Entware. I was using the Cisco Familyshield provider with DNSCrypt, but don't like that they log requests and dont provide DNSsec, plus Youtube always thinks im coming from a neighbouring country, and...
  3. Adamm

    Skynet Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements

    Attention Skynet Users! Unfortunately the future of Skynet is in doubt. As you may or may not be aware, there have been discussions in place that will effectively kill off many of the addons that we all use on a day to day basis. If you use Skynet or any other script let your opinion be known...