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  1. M

    Download Master blocklist

    I installed Download Master on my AX6000. I was able to ssh into the router and modify the settings.json file for Download Master to enable the block list as well as specify a URL to use. I entered "" for the URL and tried...
  2. M


    Please I don't know it this has been addressed before, I usually block block some servers while playing game, and I just put the IP in the LAN Static Route List which has Max Limit : 64, but after blocking 20 IPs, it wont allow me add any more, been trying to search online but nothing is coming...
  3. HuskyHerder

    Roaming block list, local only or sync across nodes (AIMesh)

    I was wondering if the list prohibits the device from moving to nodes aka it keeps the device on the Router only ? or the devices that are connected to a node, will it prevent it from roaming off that node including back to the router ? Basically my nodes are keeping the devices where they...