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  1. H

    IoT Botnet, or GUI Bugs?

    Hi all, First of all apologies in advance for what might be an amateurish or potentially annoying post. I swear there's only 2 voices in my head ;) Here's the backstory: I replaced an old AC router in a guest house with my RT-AC66U B1 running Merlin (had not been used since 2021). I was...
  2. S

    DDOS... It's happening

    About 2 weeks ago a "friend of a friend" joined an xbox party I was in. My friends and I were in game chat (not party chat) and this person started counting down in messages 10,9,8 etc. He got to 1 and the next message said GAME OVER. We all got booted. I came back online and rejoined the party...