bricked rt-ac87u

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    Semi-bricked AC87U

    Hi everyone, I have an AC87U that just run-out of warranty 4 months ago and it broke, meaning that. Not working: - the 5GHz remains disabled after reboot - the WAN port does not connect over PPPoE and remains on red - the LAN ports (2,3,4) are not forwarding one to the other Is working: - I can...
  2. S

    RT-AC87u soft-bricked. LEDs not blinking

    Hi. Long story short - currently my router cannot boot. No rescue mode. No ping. When I power it on - LEDs on LAN2-4 and WAN blink for half a second and that's all. Afterwards - no LEDs are glowing\blinking at all. Veeery poor glow can be seen on Power LED (blue color) and WAN LED (red color)...
  3. R

    ASUS RT-AC87U bricked and not enter into rescue mode

    Hi guys, my asus router gone nuts while i was out of home. No wireless, no ethernet connection... It has the latest original FW ( 380.7378) updated few days before. Previous FW was the ( 380.4180). Now, it stays like this: (Power led connected with low light and wan port red...