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  1. D

    Cannot update firmware via Mac tried multiple browsers

    I know there are a lot of posts on here covering the "Invalid Firmware Upload To comply with regulatory amendments, we have modified our certification rule to ensure better firmware quality. This version is not compatible with all previously released ASUS firmware and uncertified third-party...
  2. G

    Help with DNS encryption configuration

    Hello, I'm trying to set up the DNS encryption on my RT-AX86U using Cloudflare. However, I just can't get to recognize that I'm connected to or that I'm using either DoT or DoH (DoH when active in Mozilla). I also want my browser to always use Cloudflare's DoH, meaning it...
  3. garycnew

    Tutorial [SOLUTION] Asuswrt-Merlin Tor via Bridge, Device, Browser, Entry (Guard)/Middle (Non-Exit) Relay, and Device/Browser/Relay Hybrid Implementations

    What is Advanced Settings > VPN > Tor on Asuswrt-Merlin? 1. Although obscurely placed in the VPN section... Tor is NOT a Virtual Private Network (VPN) 2. Tor is an Anonymizing SOCKS Proxy Network developed & maintained by the Tor Project 3. Isn't Tor EVIL? Tor is a tool and like any tool it can...
  4. R

    HELP ! Set Asus-Merlin as Master Browser

    Asus AC87U Merlin 384.5 I specifically installed Merlin as I saw it advertised that it could act as master browser. I can't find the process to do this. Please tell me how to set Merlin 384.5 as master browser for my home network (8 PCs and three Raspberry PI)
  5. D

    Can't access Asuswrt-Merlin login via HTTPS

    Is there a browser configuration that needs to be made when you configure Asuswrt-Merlin (currently 384.4_beta3) to be accessible via https://<router's ipaddress>:8443 ? Using Firefox 58.x and 59.0, the browser displays the following and eventually times out.
  6. T

    Synology NAS not showing in Windows 10 Network File Explorer Browser

    Hi, attempted all recommendations found in different forums to access Synology NAS in Windows 10 file explorer but failed. I have a DS213J that was showing in browser via file explorer but now it disappeared. Seems no one has a solution to the problem. I was ready to purchase a DS216 but with...