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  1. I

    NEED YOU TO HELP !!, sq Codel not working need CAKE ??

    hey , ill make it short and sweet for you guyz , im limited on the networking wisdom . im expericnig very bad bufferbloat C and below on DSLreports.com im currently using asus-wrt MERLIN latest version 08-2020 version 384.19 (i think) my set up is Comcast(xfinity) 200mbs down 24mbs up arris...
  2. T

    I’ve done research but I’m at a bump. R7800 SQM

    I have spent months/weeks on and off researching and hoping to find a resolution to the issues with stuttering or skipping in my games that I was unable to reproduce at my friends place. Thing is, it affects nearly all my systems and games. I thought I was going nuts but I found a correlation...
  3. P

    RT-AX58U - Merlin 384.16 Trend Micro Parental Controls Not Working

    Background: 10/100 cable Arris Modem with Linksys Orbi. Bufferbloat and lack of QOS on Orbi led me to purchase RT-AX58U and put Orbi in AP only mode. This is current state. Problem: When using stock firmware, AIProtection Web & Apps Filters/Time Scheduling works fine. When using Merlin 384.16...
  4. camaran

    dsl-ac88u mitigate bufferbloat

    How i can mitigate bufferbloat in my dsl-ac88u?
  5. S

    EdgeRouter Pro setup question

    Hello SNB - tomorrow, I’m replacing my RT-AC3200 with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P and UAP-AC-PRO access point, and need advice on setup/config. Here’s what I’ve been working with: -Single story house, 3,000 sq ft, lathe and plaster construction -ISP: AT&T Fiber symmetrical gigabit -ONT feeds an...
  6. Fissurez

    Recommendation for a router to deal with bufferbloat (ac88u and ax88u)

    Hi there, i'm looking to replace an old apple router i have, and have been looking at the asus rt-ac88u. however, i'm also aware that asus has just released the rt-ax88u and have also been looking at that. currently i have a BT homehub connected to an apple airport extreme, there's very little...
  7. U

    List of Smart Queue Management (SQM) routers

    Is there a list of consumer routers with Smart Queue Management (SQM) support with stock firmware? Anything with a Qualcomm chip with Streamboost support or based on a modern OpenWRT or a very modern Linux kernel should have SQM available by default, right? Unfortunately, identifying specific...
  8. sekta

    Best Router for WiFi Gaming

    I'm in a situation with temporary housing where I am flatting, and can't really expect to be able to connect an ethernet cable from my PC to the router, especially when the room im renting is at the opposite end of the house. So I need to use WiFi, which isn't good for gaming, but will buy a...
  9. odellus

    RT-AC68U on 380.66 - QoS doesn't work, terrible bufferbloat

    150 Mbps Down 15 Mbps Up Suddenlink I have an AC68U and SB6183. I've tried every combination of QoS settings and even with extremely conservative bandwidth limits (even as low as 40 Mbps!) none of them seem to do anything. I start a download and ping times immediately jump from the ~20 ms range...
  10. R

    AC68u, version 380.65_4, Adaptive QOS works great

    ...with a bit of maximum download speed lost. An installation where internet service provider max speed clocked at 100 megabits per second max download, 12 Mbps upload. With a standard setup, my http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest grades for "bufferbloat" (i.e. periodic pauses in data flow)...
  11. hifiwifi

    Adaptive QOS and higher buffer bloat - AC1900P

    Been playing with the Adaptive QoS feature on my newish AC1900P, which wasn't available on my old N66U. With adaptive QoS on, I'm seeing upload buffer bloat from 800->1000ms. When I use the manual settings in "traditional QoS" mode, it stays 20-100ms (in the "green" using dslreports speedtest)...
  12. JWadle

    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter POE QOS Settings

    I am using an EdgeRouter POE with my Comcast 150/10 Internet service The actual tested speeds are 180/12. Without QOS, my bufferbloat is "D" or "F" consistently. Enabling the EdgeRouter QOS with settings at 180/12 results in "A" bufferbloat, but my download speed drops to 90 and upload to 6...