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  1. aex.perez

    Buffer Memory slowly being consumed - 386.1_2 AX88U

    So a little background, AX88u and 2x AC5300 AIMESH all on 386.1_2. AX88u has (had just turned it off today on router, PC and NAS) jumbo frames enabled. Running several scripts Skynet, scMerlin, conmon, spdMerlin, dv-vnstat, ntpMerlin, scribe (monitoring AIMESH nodes as well), uiscribe, vpnmgr...
  2. T

    Puzzling speeds with WiFi, DLNA and a smart TV

    Hi All. So I've been lurking around these forums for 3 weeks or so reading as I slowly set up my new quarantine zone aka home network, and I've finally run into a problem for which the search function hasn't availed me. So figured I should put my hat in the ring, see if anyone might be able to...
  3. T

    Why can't a wireless router buffer several minutes of a video?

    Searching the web has been frustrating since "wireless router buffering" almost exclusively leads to complaints about buffering on the front end. But why can't streaming videos be stored on the router? I would think the code to store (say) up to 15 minutes of video would not be difficult. In...
  4. Mr_HoneyDo

    Should I replace/upgrade my WRT1900AC (MU-MIMO vs Xstream)

    Let me set the stage, I've been using SNB for years reading reviews and posts to make informed decisions, for that I thank you all its been a non-replacable resource, but this is my first post to the forum and I believe these questions belong on this page. I've also tried to find answers to the...