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  1. E

    Adaptive QoS does not show in GUI, AC68U 386.1 Beta 2

    I cannot enable Adaptive QoS, the only options are "QoS"and Bandwidth Limiter, as shown in the image below: I have done a factory reset after installing.
  2. endor

    ASUS RT-AC66U B2 AiMesh issues

    I recently stumbled upon an issue and would like to share this with you hopefully it could help if someone else has the same problem. This may not be limited to the specific model, i assume it could be applicable on others as well. Had two RT-AC66U B2 from 2019 in aimesh which was working well...
  3. H

    Found a couple bugs on VPN Server tab with merlin 384.17

    I have an ASUS RT-AC86U running the latest firmware 384.17 Frist, the RSA Encryption option does not show most of the time. Especially after you apply an update. Second, the Export OpenVPN configuration file shows an error message, but it will go away if you click apply and seems to work just...
  4. F

    Router shows massive uppload

    So I'm on a RT-AC66U_B1, but when I go to traffic analyzer I can see that I upload more then I download which should not be the case. https://i.imgur.com/9MGynMT.jpg I'm not sure why it show that much in upload but it is wrong. Anyone know why it shows this? It is a fresh install, only have...
  5. P

    Bug?: Bandwidth monitor not functioning correctly under OpenVPN

    Running: 384.16_beta1 on a RT-AC3100 When I use the VPNClient to connect to my VPN server (openVPN) the QoS - WAN/LAN Bandwidth Monitor page shows all the traffic on the upload side only. Not only the upload gauge but the client entries below the gauges only show the upload bar moving. I...
  6. dragon31337

    [AC88U, 384.15] 2.4GHz WiFi channel setting is not respected

    I had the channel set auto for 2.4GHz on ac88U, 384.15 release. And it picked 8 as optimal which was no optimal it should be either 1 or 10/11. But whenever I set the channel manually it goes to channel 2, I verified that with wifi analyzer on my phone.
  7. Matt Theriot

    NVRAM randomly resets (Reset to factory defaults)

    Hi, I'm running the latest build (384) on my T-Mobile branded AC68U. It works fine, but randomly resets itself to default (Wireless Asus and Asus_5G SSID's, first time launch wizard takes over). Any idea how to begin troubleshooting this? Thanks in advanced, I'm new to these forums so forgive...
  8. Cristian Ungureanu

    BUG AC86U fails to reboot via the scheduler

    Hi, I have managed to reproduce a bug that was bugging me for some time now. I kept finding my WiFi down and the router turned off. Well, I believe I found the problem. Problem: When I schedule my router to reboot on a pre-defined schedule, the router simply turns off and stays off. Router...
  9. T

    [Bug] 384.14_2 Traffic Analyzer error

    This just started today after I updated. I rebooted but no go... If only my upload would allow me to do this in a single day.
  10. Radiant

    [BUG report] AC86U: USB 3 SSD Drive doesn't mount (connected before boot)

    After booting/rebooting AC86U my Orico SSD USB-C Case (JMicron Generic) connected in USB 3.0 mode doesn't mount, only manual reconnection works well. USB 2.0 mode of USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port works well too. Original ASUS ROM works fine with this case in USB 3.0 mode. Help me please! Thank...
  11. F

    AC87U gets stuck in AP mode

    I tried to update my AC87U to 384.12 firmware and the router just doesn't survive from the update and settings process. I'm using the router in AP mode and there are 2 computers connected in LAN ports 1 and 2, and I have only 5G WLAN radio enabled. After initial boot -> update -> power cycle ->...
  12. octopus

    [384.12_Alpha - builds] Testing all variants.

    https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AGY2taGX02nVmWA&id=CCE5625ED3599CE0!1427&cid=CCE5625ED3599CE0 Keep in mind its early testbuild without any support. https://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/download
  13. R

    The USB modem reset issue during reboot.

    I use RT-AC66U-B1 with Merlin FW (384.8_2) and I need periodically (once per day) reboot my router and USB LTE modem connected to it. I done it by using an internal scheduler (Administration/System/Enable reboot scheduler). Even if modem will hanged up it is guarantee to return it to online next...
  14. R

    AC-5300 - No routing between 5G-1 and 5G-2

    Hi all It seems that devices on 5G-1 and 5G-2 cannot "see" each other. On Wireshark it seems some packets can't traverse from one 5G band to the other. Has anyone encountered this issue or got a fix? I suspect the same issue exists on other dual 5GHz routers too.
  15. octopus

    Helper script question

    I'm using "pc insert" but there is a bug in new alpha build. I can use "pc_repalce" but need a raw 1 and raw 2. pc replace " raw 1" " raw 1 new raw raw 2" $CONFIG like raw 1 raw 2 someone have any suggestions? Thanks octopus
  16. Y

    Asus RT-AC68U OpenVPN Web UI Advanced mode bug

    On Asus RT-AC68U Firmware Version: 384.8_2 On VPN Server - OpenVPN page Client will use VPN to access [LAN only, Internet only, Both] setting is not available if VPN Details is set to Advanced Settings It is still possible to set this setting in General mode then switch to Advanced Settings and...
  17. P

    Merlin v 384.7_2 Wildcard in OpenVPN client setting not working - bug?

    After updating to version 384.7_2 on my RT-AC86U, there seems to be an issue with the OpenVPN routing (redirect internet traffic) setting. NOT working: - setting or leave empty as wildcard for local network (source) when using policy-based routing - selecting ALL as property for the...
  18. P

    ssh bug in 380.70, plus a funny one before it

    ssh does not return proper exit codes. My routers are 380.59 except for the new one which is 380.70. The old fw has even quite unbelivable extra ssh bug! On my network, there is a .2.8 computer and there is no .2.18 one. Meaning: ssh itself fails when .2.18 is the destination. So, I will use...
  19. octopus

    [384.7_Alpha - builds] Testing all variants.

    Working fine here, Uptime 1 days 0 hours 28 minute(s) 22 seconds VSFTPD Aug 27 08:34:14 kernel: warning: `vsftpd' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
  20. J

    Bug Report: Stealth Mode doesn't work at 384.6 firmware after reboot.

    Please follow the below to experience LED issue. Update to 384.6 Turn On Stealth Mode (all LEDS off), every LED are turned off. Works great at that time! Turn On Reboot Scheduler Router will reboot automatically because the Reboot Scheduler works, only the WAN (Internet) LED is blinking...