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  1. J

    Solved HOW TO use second router through VPN for guests

    Hi, I have a simple task, but I don't know how to do it and if it's easy as it is to ask... I have an AC1900p (AC68u Merlin's firmware). I want to use it as the main router for my family. I also have the router from my ISP (which can't connect to VPN as client). I want to connect the ISP...
  2. R

    OpenVPN Client Windows vs. Linux Nested (or cascading) tunnel behavior

    Greetings, I have installed OpenVPN on a Windows 10 box and a Kali Linux box. On Windows, a second VPN connection is routed through the first VPN connection. On Linux, a second VPN connection is routed outside of the first VPN connection. I believe both cases to be the default behavior...
  3. Y

    How to segment my network (VLANs, UTM, Cascading)

    Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening I'm using Merlin's firmware for quite a while now - but I'd like to improve network security. I thought about the following: 1 Asus router connected to the internet (cable and 4G (LTE) load balancing) for: load balancing ABSolution DNScrypt Sophos UTM for...
  4. J

    2 WAN (ISPs) merge LANs

    Hi everyone, I'm new so I hope not to break any rule, I have the following setup currently at home This is the approach I kind of need (just corrected) since the ISP B has more bandwidth than the ISP A, What I need to accomplish is the following: Communication between LAN A and LAN B...