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  1. A

    ASUS XT8 limited wired speed, 1gig Ethernet CAT7 CAT5e

    Hi all, My first post in the forum so go easy on me please.. I have recently got a new 1gig broadband package (with YouFibre). My set up is as follow: optical cable from outside > YouFibre ONT box (modem) > CAT 7 Ethernet > ASUS XT8 router > CAT5e WiFi speed is fine (around 700-800Mbps)...
  2. ChappyEight

    What Am I Looking At? (New, to Me, Home On-Q Box)

    I moved into my current home roughly two years ago. In that time, I've begun creating my network (primarily Unifi products). I'm not ready to tackle the more difficult jobs of moving all the existing Cat5e cables away from the installed On-Q box and over to my Unifi switch. Secondarily, I...