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  1. S

    Lower bandwidth when using GT-AXE16000 with CenturyLink Fiber

    Hello! I have CenturyLink gigabit fiber. When using the provided modem/router unit (C4000XG), I get the proper bandwidth (symmetrical 940mb/s). However, when I remove the C4000XG and use my Asus GT-AXE16000 as the modem/router, I do not get the full bandwidth (wired and wireless). Asus...
  2. fiyawerx

    GT-AX6000 Dual Wan question fiber + cable and vlan tagging

    Hi - I don't currently have an Asus but wondering if this setup is possible as I'm imaginging it. My fiber provider (centurylink) requires vlan tagging (201), and with that it looks like I should be able to bypass their supplied router and go directly from the ONT to my own. My question is with...
  3. K

    RT-AX88U w/ Centurylink ONT -- Persistent Disconnects (HELP?)

    Hi friends, I'm posting in hopes of getting some help to find out what other troubleshooting may be helpful. I don't have a... strong networking background. I'm happy to make a donation via Venmo to show my gratitude for your time. I have an Asus RT-AX88U that worked perfectly fine before a...
  4. L

    Only getting half speeds on ASUS AX11000

    I couldn’t figure it out for so long but I want the speeds I pay for. Idk a whole lot about the settings in this thing. I have it sitting in front of the CL modem which I use in my back room to activate ports in other parts of the house I already turned off the radio in it because I use the ASUS...
  5. T

    Best option for CenturyLink Gigabit fiber

    So, I have been trying for the last couple of months to come up with an optimal solution for improving my CenturyLink Gigabit fiber. I have the CL ZyXel C1100Z. Terribly slow interface, but accelerates PPPoE well and if all I was doing was browsing the web, this might be good along with a...
  6. D

    RT-AC3100 + CenturyLink Fiber + ipv6

    The 3100 successfully gets an ipv6 address, but for some reason ipv4 is prioritized on all of the clients. I can force an ipv6 address but it takes forever and sometimes fails to connect. Has anyone else had ipv6 issues? I just upgraded from the RT-AC68P and it had no problems with same...
  7. Aaron Ezekiel

    PPPOE WAN Authentication with CenturyLink

    I'm having problems getting the WAN side of my ASUS RT-AC66U running Merlin 380.59 to authenticate with CneturyLinl VDSL over an ActionTec C1000a DSL modem in bridged mode. II'm trying to switch to bridging-only mode so I don't effectively have 2 routers in front of my home LAN. I know I have...