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  1. B

    AiMesh same channel

    Hello everybody, I'm a very curious guy. I've always read that using the same wifi channel used by another device is not the right thing. Now I see that my AiMesh uses the same channel! So using the same channel is now the right thing? I'm confused.
  2. J

    RT-AC68U Change wifi channel in repeater mode.

    Hi, Have a couple of AC68Us connecting to a non-asus router in repeater mode. Some of my devices appear to be having issues with the default 2.4G network channel. How can I get into change the individual channels of the repeater? Can't find where this might be accessible for repeater. Know it...
  3. S

    AiMesh Feature Request - Option to choose Wireless Control Channel for AiMesh Nodes

    Hi Contributors, Can you please provide an option to choose Wireless Control Channel for AiMesh nodes? Currently, we can choose the Channel selection for AiMesh Router, but this is not available for AiMesh node. If there is any workaround available for this, please let us know. Thanks.
  4. H

    Unable to change channel on my ZenWifi AC CT8

    Hi! I am in need of changing channel on my wifi, both 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz could benefit from not being on the same channel as my neighbours. Though I can't find where to change channel on this router, i can find it on my old router (rt-ac56u). There is a "controll channel" under general wifi...
  5. T

    AX88U - Channel wifi aimesh nodes - DFS/non DFS

    Hello, I am facing a problem that I do not quite understand. I have an AX88U router and an AX92U. The first is configured as the main router and the second as the aimesh node. When I look at the 5ghz wifi channel (which is automatic) it is on 100. When I try to select a channel manually in the...
  6. WoodenClogs

    Systemlog RC-68U "Need to restart wireless due current chanspec is un-available" ?!

    Hi all, I have no luck in trying to find the following error from my Asus RT-68U's (set up in Aimesh with two other RT-68U's on the upper floors) systemlog: "Need to restart wireless due current chanspec is un-available". It keeps disconnecting clients. This problem popped up a few weeks ago...
  7. Bride

    Asus wireless professional tab and region selection

    Hi guys, I tried to check more info about the region selection (also in this forum), looking at the real differences in terms of power limitation and channel selection between: Asia, China, Europe, Korea, Russia, Singapore, The United States, Australia. I didn't found out a defined table for...
  8. dragon31337

    [AC88U, 384.15] 2.4GHz WiFi channel setting is not respected

    I had the channel set auto for 2.4GHz on ac88U, 384.15 release. And it picked 8 as optimal which was no optimal it should be either 1 or 10/11. But whenever I set the channel manually it goes to channel 2, I verified that with wifi analyzer on my phone.
  9. Kamil Mirza

    [SOLVED] Android devices can only detect Channel 149 153 157 161 on 5GHz Band

    greetings from past few months I have noticed a strange thing that all my Android devices (phones, tablets and even Chromecasts) can ONLY detect and connect to Channel 149 153 157 161 165 on 5GHz band Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) can see and connect to any 5GHz Channels (like 36 40 44 48)...
  10. R

    Missing wifi channels + locale setting

    Ok, so I'm new with ASUS as a router and even more with Merlin. I got my RT-AC88U yesterday from UK (I live in Argentina) and this morning I installed the Merlin firmware. So long story short, I notice that some of the 5ghz channels were missing. All channels above 136. Doing some research...
  11. I

    AX88 Ignoring WiFi Channel Selection

    I have the RT-AX88U. I've set up my WiFi to use channel 100 for the 5 GHz network. However, it's actually using channel 149, which is the single worst channel for it to automatically select (because all my neighbors' access points also selected 149). I'm determining the channel both from...
  12. I

    Fix channel number when in Wireless Client mode

    Hi all, My 5Ghz band is set as Wireless Client. It works well most of the time. However, sometimes it changes from channel 132 to 60 for unknown reasons, even though channel 132 is still reachable. In fact, when it does that, the connection becomes very bad. I would like to prevent the router...