cifs mount

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  1. Phantomski

    mount using SMB1 only despite vers=2.1 specified

    Hi, I'm struggling to connect to SMB2+ version Synology NAS Samba shares from my RT-AC88U. No matter what version is specified in the mount options (I have tried 2.0, 2.1, 3.0), it's always only trying to connect using SMB1. Command: mount -t cifs -o...
  2. elrengo

    Script at start-up fail

    Hi! I have two routers: RT-AC3100 + RT-AC66U_B1. The AC3100 as main router and the AC66 as AiMesh node. Both with Assuswrt Merlin firmware up to date. In AC3100 router I've a My Passwort USB3 HDD attached where I've two paritions. Ther first one where is installed Entware and installed rtorret...
  3. amplatfus

    [solved] mount.cifs from network to a Merlin curlftpfs location

    Hi, I installed curlftpfs on Merlin and mounted on router location available at /tmp/mnt/ftp. asus@router:/# curlftpfs /mnt/ftp -o,allow_other asus@router:/# mount curlftpfs# on /tmp/mnt/ftp type fuse...
  4. elrengo

    How to mount a remote samba/cifs filesystem in asuswrt-merlin

    Hi! I would like to mount a two samba share from my WDLXTVLIVE. Because I have connected the WDLXTVLIVE to router to ethernet. To copy the data donloaded by transmission from router more stable than wifi. I looking for it in intenet I found that syntaxis: This mount but I do not where is the...