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  1. M

    ntpMerlin Chrony clients fail to syncronize

    I've got 2 RT-AX86U routers that use ntpMerlin configured with Chrony. In this installation, both routers are on different networks and configured as NTP servers. Everytime I reboot any of them, the router time gets synchronized correctly, but Chrony stops responding to NTP requests. When I...
  2. Y

    Asus RT-AX86U: VPN Client in Fusion with "IPSec" and Shared Secret

    So long story short. i need to configure in my ASUS Asus RT-AX86U a VPN Client with IPsec and a Shared Secret. i have following infos: VPN-Typ: Name Serveraddress IPSec-ID IPSec Key/Shared Secret Account Password But when i go into VPN Fusion setting of my AX86U, i cannot find this VPN...
  3. J

    Best VPN service provider for use as Router-based Wireguard client

    My router (RT-AC86U) runs asuswrt-Merlin, if that matters to anyone… been a PIA person forever, but they don’t support router-based configurations for Wireguard, and the workarounds that I know of aren’t that enticing (requiring constant tweaks, etc., just to under-deliver) it’s that time of...
  4. L

    VPN client connection from Synology NAS no longer working with OpenVPN Server

    Router RT-88AXU I have used Merlin v384.19 OpenVPN server and have an OpenVPN client connection from my Synology NAS box (DSM v7). After upgrading Merlin to v386.3_2, the OpenVPN client connection from the Synology NAS box no longer can connect. After about a minute it says 'Connection failed...

    OpenVPN Clients - Error Connecting

    Hi, I'm not sure whats going on here, but I cannot connect to any VPN server. There appears to be an "error connecting", this happens even after reinstalling the .ovpn file. This isn't an issue of username or password being wrong. They are the correct details. I receive the same result with 3...
  6. octopus

    Shorter expression.....

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this..... (small head). Try to have this shorter, have tried several ideas but no success. maybe some have any idea.. if [ "$vpn" = "route-up" ] && [ "$var" = "client1" ] || [ "$var" = "client2" ] || [ "$var" = "client3" ] || [ "$var" = "client4" ] || [ "$var"...
  7. W

    Unable to block internet access to a client: RT-AC1900U / RT-AC68U

    Hello! I have just bought an asus AC1900U to substitute my provider router (Moivistar, triple VLAN config). I'm very happy with it. Amazing wifi reach and speed, and I love the UI. And configured very easily. I only have one problem that I can't understand. From clients (either in
  8. Lylitu

    AX11000 as OpenVPN client, not tunneling ipv6

  9. P

    What the bew ntp daemon's update interval?

    I have a simple question, how often does this new ntp client synchronize the router's clock?
  10. N

    client OpenVPN and dnsmasq: Incorrent tun interface created?

    asuswrt merlin: 384.8_2 router: rt-ac68u Created client OpenVPN on router, interface tun11 was created (shown by route). However, in dnsmasq, interface tun21 and tun22 is used (shown by /etc/dnsmasq.conf) In my opinion, tun11 should be used in dnsmasq. Is this a bug? or does everyone just add...
  11. N

    Asuswrt Merlin, resolve client lan names on server-side?

    Asuswrt Merlin: I have a bidirectional OpenVPN connection running on 2 Asuswrt Merlin routers (firmware is current). But, I cannot perform a "nslookup pc.client.lan" on the OpenVPN Server? What I would like to do is resolve client lan names on the server. Does anyone know of a solution? [I spent...
  12. mad_ady

    Openvpn client doesn't install routes

    I'm using openvpn on RMerlin's ASUS firmware (v 384.5) as a client (client1) with a ovpn config which pushes a route: push "route" The client connects correctly to the openvpn server, however, the route is not installed into the router's routing table (connection...

    OpenVPN Server & iOS OpenVPN App

    Hi, My ISP's router is in Bridge Mode. All my devices are connected to my RT-AC86U WRT-Merlin 384.7_2 The OpenVPN Server is on. I exported the .ovpn file and opened it in the iOS OpenVPN App, as usual. I entered the correct Username and Password. According to settings it the Client is...
  14. C

    Wireless (RADIUS) via VPN(TUN)

    I have successfully created a site-to-site (lan-to-lan) "bi-directional" VPN connection with 2 x RT-AC68U routers using OpenVPN. Router1 LAN VPN Router2 LAN VPN Clients behind Router1 can access Clients behind Router2 Clients behind Router2...
  15. K

    RT-AC66U OpenVPN Client - Can't change anything after first change - 380.70

    Hi, I'm having diffuclties updating the openvpn client. I try to change settings on client1, 2, ... but the values keep fixed based on the first time I uploaded a openvpn file. If I switch to other VPN clients and try to upload, It says it is ok, but nothing changes. When I try to connect...
  16. Stranger

    VPN settings

    Running 384.5 and all has been amazing now for a few weeks. I have one small question tho and im not sure how to go about it. I set up a vpn client thru policy rules and all is great. I then wanted to run a few other items thru a vpn client but on a different address as to not congest a single...
  17. XIII

    How to set up VPN Client for ProtonVPN?

    After having successfully set up a VPN server (for quite some time) I would now like to try configuring a VPN client on the router. Since my paid provider does not support OpenVPN (I use it only on iOS, using IKEv2) I would like to experiment with the free variant of ProtonVPN. I read the...
  18. XIII

    iOS: which SSH client?

    I have been using the free Termius App for SSH on my iOS devices for a while. Somehow I thought that I do not use the App enough to pay €6,99/year... Now that I’m ready to pay and check again I see that they have raised the price to €30,99/year and I have the same feeling again... For that...
  19. G

    Using iptables with static IP OpenVPN clients.

    I have setup an OpenVPN server on my RT-AC66U_B1 running Asuswrt-Merlin v380.69. Thanks in part to the script found here I have the clients working with static IP's when they connect. My next...
  20. T

    Arris SBG6580 Client through AC-3100 Server?

    I have been attempting to run a whole home VPN. My intention is to ensure all devices in the network are forced into a tunnel. I am running numerous devices which can run VPN software as individual clients through the AC-3100 as a server. However I cannot run firesticks, older smart tv's etc...