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  1. S

    Cannot get Android USB Tethering working (Cold Standby)

    I lost DSL sync a few times last night so I tried to connect my OnePlus 8T phone to the AX-86U and enabling 3G/4G and USB tethering without any luck in getting it working. Fast forward to today, I unplugged the DSL cable from the router to test this further and try out things to get it working...
  2. screamjojo

    [RT-AX56U] Problem DUAL WAN with Huawei E587

    Hello, I connected a 3G modem Huawei E587 to the USB 2.0 port of my Asus router, I configured the APN parameters and it seems OK because when I unplug the WAN cable I have internet traffic (capture below) during few seconds then goes to Cold-Standby, then reconnects for a few seconds and it...