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  1. M

    Replacing AC88U 7x7 Sq M

    Hey SNB! I'm looking to replace a dead AC88U that's over 4 years old! My house is two floors, roughly 7m x 7m in length and width. Which router is a better buy? The GT-AX6000 is at its lowest ever price £199.98 GBP ($250 according to Google) or I believe the (newly) released AX88U Pro has also...
  2. octopus

    RT-AC68P and RT-AC66U B1 file confirmed.

    This confirm RT-AC68P and RT-AC66U B1 use same file. RT-AC68P_3.0.0.4_380_4164-gcc3b748 SHA256: 281dd20ec7e9df9447b1264ca8b7953e2c66aaea30dc9e678acb4af334d51061 RT-AC66U_B1_3.0.0.4_380_4164-gcc3b748 SHA256: 281dd20ec7e9df9447b1264ca8b7953e2c66aaea30dc9e678acb4af334d51061