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  1. Sky

    Solved Requesting log review of possible attack

    Greetings. I have been seeing some strange listings in my General SysLog. I added line feeds & emphasis to make it clearer to read. I think what's happening is the actual user name (replaced by _USERNAME_ below) may be compromised. I can't tell from this if the password is also compromised or is...
  2. B

    AsusWRT Compromised in recent vulnerability, we’re Merlin builds affected.

    I didn’t find a post on this already and if there is, please forgive me and I’ll delete this. We’re devices with Merlins build installed also compromised?
  3. T

    Foreign IP's on VPN logs-Prevention using "allow only specified clients" through jjfs?

    I have been monitoring my vpn server through Asus RTAC88U and noticed some activity that appears foreign. I wanted to confirm. I originally tried to do "allow only specified clients" and would get a ccd error. So I attempted to allow JJFS and add a config to the ccd for each unique user, but...