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  1. T

    Asus RT-AX88U configure Wifi6 in mixed environment

    Hello, until now I used in my 5ghz configuration Wireless Auto mode, control channel 36 and 20-40-80 MHz. AX mode and 160 MHz disabled. The speeds were ok, but now I want to use Wifi6 hardware. What are the optimal settings to use or test in a mixed network environment. Ik know all situations...
  2. mith_y2k

    smb.conf from /mnt/sda1/overlay isn't copied at boot

    Today I was fiddling with my Orbi configuration running Voxel and wanted to reboot to make sure everything was clean. After reboot all my custom configuration started as expected, i.e. DNSCrypt, but strangely Samba went back to Voxel's default. I am confident I put the files in the right place...
  3. P

    Asus Merlin OpenVPN Server and DD-WRT Client not working together

    Hi I wonder if someone can take a look at my configuration and help me solve my problem ... I have a desire to use my home (UK) Asus RT-87U flashed with Asus Merlin firmware as my DNS proxy given that I travel quite a bit and particularly to one other EU location regularly and wish to use BBC...
  4. S

    Setting the Time

    How do I set up the NTP Time Server? I noticed the following entry in my System Log today. Jul 28 04:03:09 crond[214]: time disparity of 646738 minutes detected Thanks.
  5. K

    Orbi best practices and setup

    If I missed a sticky please let me know. I set up my Orbi AC3000 and satellite and am looking for some more detailed information on how to best tweak it or at least a benchmark config. I am running in AP mode (Frontier/FIOS G1100 router), using channel 5 for 2.4ghz selected. It is the least...
  6. K

    Request for Help: Introduction to Firewall (iptables) config to increase 32 rule limit

    Hi All, RE: Could someone please explain the specific steps, and what code i need to add/change in asuswrt-merlin, in order to use iptables or another approach to increase my stock firewall 32 rule limit. I am a newbie regarding the use of asuswrt-merlin. I have the stock asuswrt firmware...
  7. M

    Custom SMB config troubleshooting

    I've added some config option to smb.conf following the wiki, and it was added, but it was added in the end of smb.conf, i.e. to one of the shares. It commonly known, the structure of smb.conf is How to add my option to the global section? Should I specify section just in smb.conf.add? In the...
  8. M

    Maximum log level

    What is the maximum log verbosity level on stock AsusWRT and on Merlin? I followed this guide and set level to 9, and now it is empty and shows nothing.
  9. D

    Backup / Restore procedure prior to installing newer firmware to same router

    Scenario: You have a router running Asuswrt-Rmerlin that is fully configured and working. You want to install a newer firmware version of Asuswrt-Rmerlin. 1) What method should be used to fully backup the configuration of the router so that it can be restored after installing the newer...
  10. J

    Looking for default location of conf file for lighttpd command

    There is a lighttpd executable in /usr/sbin for the latest release of Merlin. The version there is 1.4.39. Using what is retrieval via download manager, ipkg install lighttpd, the version ends up being 1.4.32. Plus it needs an install. I just want to use what is already there but it requires...
  11. hifiwifi

    N66 to 1900P - reuse config?

    Upgrading to a 1900P. Is it advised to use the same saved config, or is this even possible? Risks? Thanks.
  12. D

    csv or other text file import export for backup restore

    Is there a way to import a text config file? I'm asking because it can be easier to save settings in a text file, especially if they are vast and need to be moved from another router. For instance and more specifically, static ip info, port forwarding info, etc. Thanks!
  13. C

    2 Asus AC3100, main router and one as extender/AP/bridge?

    Hello all, I have seen similar threads but haven't come across my exact setup and hoping to shed some light on a setup. I currently have my main AC3100 router in my living room where the coax cable comes in and it covers most of my place. However, down the hall in the last bedroom/bathroom...
  14. C

    380.62_1 : OpenVPN : Client Configurations : How to remove?

    Looking through the menus and I can't find a 'click here' method to remove all VPN client configurations. After searching through the forums the only hit I find is a reference to UNSETting the variables via CLI. Is this the only way to remove all VPN client configs at once?
  15. wootcat

    Upgrading from NetGear WNR3500L question

    As stated in the title, I am upgrading from a NetGear WNR3500L to a NetGear R6400. I'm trying to think of the easiest way to set up the 6400 for my current network. Is it possible to load a WNR3500L configuration file into the R6400 and have it work? Thanks!