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  1. A

    ASUS XT8 dropout - momentarily disconnection

    Hi All, hoping for some advice… I’ve been using XT8 for 3 years now without any issues. I’ve been with the same provider for over a year now and no issues either. Past couple of weeks suddenly experiencing weird drop outs for a few seconds only and it then it fixes itself. It’s very annoying as...
  2. U

    Asus ZenWiFi XT9 wired port connectivity issues

    Recently purchased a pair of XT9 devices off Amazon. While setting up I've ran into an issue that I can't figure out. Wired devices plugged directly into the main XT9 using ports 1-3 are not able to talk to other wired devices. Doesn't matter if they are 100M devices or Gig devices. Those wired...
  3. U

    Asus AX11000 Pro - Eth1 getting frequent connection drops

    Hi, I am on the latest firmware from Asus but I was having the same issue on previous firmwares as well. My PS5 keeps getting connection drops (Lan disconnected and connected back a second later). It used to happen once in a while and I have just experienced 3 occurrences within minutes. Here...
  4. Terribl3

    Interrupted connections on ZenWiFi AX (XT8)

    I have my entire home theatre system and NAS Drive connected through ethernet to this new ZenWifi AX (XT8). My MacBook Pro and iPhone are connected wirelessly. From the time I have installed XT8, the connection constantly breaks on devices connected through ethernet as well as wirelessly, and...