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  1. S

    halt the router through cronjob

    Hi! If I type "halt" in a shell, it works as expected and the router halts itself (I know, it's not totally powered off). But if I add "halt" to a cronjob, it doesn't halt the router but performs an unwanted reboot at the given time: cru a Shutdown "30 2 * * * halt" Is there something wrong...
  2. XIII

    Are there limitations when using cron?

    Since 1Password now offers a nice CLI that works on our router, I'm trying to make my scripts more secure, by no longer hardcoding credentials. However I notice something weird when testing this: Experiment 1 /jffs/scripts/test1: #!/bin/sh logger test1 /opt/bin/op run...
  3. A

    Solved [RT-AX86U] - Weird cron time schedule: am vs. pm

    Hi guys, I bought two RT-AX86U routers. Using one as main router and the other as media bridge for my computer. I love it! It works blazing fast a almost hit my internet connection speed of 1Gbit/s :p (around 900mb down / 980mb up). But there is one thing which bothers me and I don't...
  4. I

    Schedule LED Control Script not working

    Hello. I have the Asus RT-AC68U router with the last Merlin firmware installed (384.4_2). I'm completely new to asus routers and I'm still adapting to it. But so far I'm not having mayor problems except for the following. I was trying to schedule the led control following the guide...
  5. I

    Scripts not running for cron - SOLVED

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to create a crontab in XVortex-Merlin (380.67) to wake up a server at a certain time. I have a script in /jffs/scripts called services-start to call the WOL file #!/bin/sh #crontab for sending WOL packet to DADS_NAS at 10:55 pm every Sunday and 7:55pm cru a...
  6. Stobber

    crond runs "cmd service start_vpnserver1" every minute

    I'm running 380.65 on an RT-N66U with one OVPN server enabled (and no clients). I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but I noticed this in my syslog: Feb 23 10:52:00 crond[234]: USER admin pid 761 cmd service start_vpnserver1 Feb 23 10:52:00 rc_service: service 762:notify_rc...
  7. E

    [HELP] Build CRON command

    Please help write CRON command for /jffs/scripts/init-start Need every 1 hours get (wget) page like I now comand start with #!/bin/sh But other code i don't understand how write (: Please help