ddns (dynamic domain name system)

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  1. XIYO

    Question on Setting up Scheduler for Wildcard Certificates and DDNS in Asuswrt-Merlin

    Hello, I've been using the AC88U with firmware version 389.11. My goal is to obtain a wildcard SSL certificate. - I am aware that acme.sh is available on asuswrt-merlin. - I also know how to get a wildcard certificate. The issues I am facing are: 1. Creating a scheduler: Should I write this...
  2. W

    No remote connection to Asus AX88U due to private WAN IP address

    Hi, I am trying to create a remote connection to my AX88U. However, on the DDNS page of the router GUI it says the router is using a private WAN IP address, possibly due to Multi-NAT, and that this is not supported by DDNS. iplookup.asus.com provides me an IP address for the DDNS, nevertheless...
  3. N

    RT-AC86U Issues with DDNS in release 386.9

    Hi, Every time I tried to configure the DDNS service in my router AC86U with asuswrt-merlin 386.9 (the same with 389.9_beta1), the router gave me an error in establishing a connection with each server I chose (asus, no-ip,...). Then I went back to release 386.7_2 and everything worked perfectly...
  4. D

    DDNS Shining Lock Exclamation Icon ❗

    I'm currently trying to work around internet outage issues & when trying to use a USB phone-modem for internet I noticed on the [Network Map] page where it's saying it's connected (even though it can't be used) there's an icon next to the DDNS Name that looks like a Padlock with the securement...
  5. M

    [Help needed] Reachhing a router behind another router through DDNS and port forwarding.

    Hi everyone, I need a little help with a mix of WAN + LAN + NAT situation… So I have Router A, B & C. (A) is Internet facing (B) is setup on a different subnet to offer VPN coverage by using the router’s VPN client (C) is configured as an Access Point to offer expanded wifi coverage...
  6. S

    DDNS (DYNU) Stuck in processing

    Hey all, I've been scouring the forums and have been trying to recreate/apply the ddns-script like I've seen but for some reason it's still stuck in processing. I've used the following posts for guidance https://www.snbforums.com/threads/asus-rt-ac68u-asuswrt-ddns-problem.39743/#post-675966...
  7. TheKolaNN

    ASUS.COM DDNS issue

    Hello, I have a question if anybody came into an issue with DDNS from ASUS.COM. My IP is not updating to the service. Can anyone help with interpretation of logs plese? Logs: Oct 20 17:51:40 rc_service: httpd 344:notify_rc restart_ddns_le Oct 20 17:51:41 start_ddns: update WWW.ASUS.COM...
  8. S

    DNS-O-Matic and Namecheap

    Hi, I have a registered domain with Namecheap. It is like xyz.net I would like to use DNS-O-Matic as DDNS updater. I have enabled in Namecheap DDNS, it works with the Asus router using Namecheap as DDNS, but now I need to use a router that doesn't have direct support for Namecheap, but...
  9. RivMan

    DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) for now-dns.com

    Hello, Thank you Merlin for the wonderful job that you do ! I have a suggestion, if possible to add the now-dns.com service in the list of WAN - DDNS. I use a RT-N66U with Firmware: 380.66_4. Now-DNS it's compatible with ddclient, but ddclient is not part of the firmware. They have API and...