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  1. M

    RT-N66U and DDNS Quit Working?

    Looking for some help on a DDNS issue that's suddenly started. RT-N66U on 380.65_4. DDNS is with FreeDNS and my domain has been working fine for years; I've got my ddns-start script set up, it's been working fine for over 2 years when I bought this RT-N66U. Few days ago I lost access via my...
  2. AppleBag

    DDNS script example to update CloudFlare not working

    Hi I copied/pasted verbatim, the CF example script (here) to update my "A" record. Edited the respective areas, placed it in my jffs/scripts folder and set it's permissions executable. Now in the logs it says it's failing: -- Apr 6 20:39:57 start_ddns: update CUSTOM , wan_unit 0 Apr 6...