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  1. V

    So what would be best practice for my specific situation: VPN into home network and DDNS

    Hi, So I’m just looking for what the best option is here. I’ve managed to setup a raspberry pi with pihole (proud of that). I bought a Synology Nas for backup and Plex (got that working as well). I use a Asus RT-AX86U router with the latest version of merlin. So I’m looking for the best wat...
  2. Cap10Canuck

    Custom DDNS Scripts

    With the imminent demise of Google Domains, and their sell-off to Squarespace, I have been looking for another domain registrar. One that gets mentioned a lot is Porkbun. I did find a custom Porkbun script in the Wiki, but was wondering if anyone is actually successfully using it. I see...
  3. M

    RT-AC66U AiCloud 2.0 not working

    I can't access my AiCloud Disk from WAN, but it works fine on LAN. I can access the Asus UI in WAN, to configure the router, so I know my router is exposed to the internet, but AiCloud 2.0 gets a timeout when I try to access it. I have OpenVPN enabled, so I can access AiCloud 2.0 from the VPN...
  4. D

    DDNS update not working on 388.1

    I noticed after upgrading to 388.1 on my RT-AX88U, DDNS updates with namecheap no longer seem to be working. I noticed it when I happened to reboot my router the other day, the WAN IP changed but it was never updated. I verified if I manually update the IP address on namecheap my router is...
  5. L

    Management of DDNS when using IPv6 / Overcoming the default: notify_rc("restart_ddns"); command

    The final re-edited / updated / posted errors removed, version of all of this now: The setup that I was using was as follows: Asus DDNS **.asuscomm.com is configured via the GUI page: **/Advanced_ASUSDDNS_Content.asp & No-IP DDNS **.ddns.net was configured via CLI in a new file here...
  6. RMerlin

    DDNS forced updates working as intended

    Some people expressed doubts that ddns updates were properly being enforced after a certain number of days (configured on the webui). Since for a rare occasion I actually broke a month of uptime on my primary router... Sep 19 03:17:34 watchdog: Forced DDNS update (after 21 days) Sep 19...
  7. Sky

    Has Asus abandoned asuscomm.com DDNS

    Over the last year or more I have noticed asuscomm.com is increasingly down and not functioning. This has happened so often and so long that is has passed any imagined "tipping point" and has now become the rule, rather than the exception. On any given day at any given time it has become...
  8. L

    Multiple DDNS on Merlin / AMTM?

    Are there any GUI based (native or AMTM) apps to allow for multiple DDNS settings / providers? thx
  9. A

    RT-AC68U: forward https to http

    I can access my (http only) camera from outside my network with no problems. Using <myprivetaname>.asuscomm.com But is there anyway that the outside url can start with 'https://' to connect to my camera on the inside that only responds to 'http://' I can connect to my RT-AC68U router's user...
  10. L

    DDNS not working (RT-AX88U with DSL-AC55U as modem)

    Update: I've bought a TD-W9960 and set it as modem. In that case, AX~ DDNS still did not work (even my static ip would not bring up the GUI) as planned but however, when i tested my AC~ as a router, it worked. So, I decided to focus on AX~. The thing is, I figured that if I DMZ the router...
  11. Laxarus

    Cloudflare inadyn stopped working

    Hello guys, RT-AC5300 merlin 384.19 I have been using inadyn for some time now. without a problem however today I noticed an inadyn issue in the logs. I have been trying a number of things to fix this but got no results. I know that there is a newer merlin firmware but currently it is not...
  12. D

    Solved DDNS update IP with wan-event detect WAN IP change

    There are many ways to configure DDNS on @RMerlin software. Until last week I had a custom script configured using router DDNS page and that works fine except it refreshes the IP only once a day. I was looking for ways to have the DDNS IP refreshed as soon as my router WAN IP is changed. I...
  13. orion44

    DDNS error - "PID file /var/run/inadyn.pid already exists, inadyn already running?"

    Earlier this morning, my ISP had some major issues that led my home IP address to change. This was done without a modem reboot (upstream of my RT-AC5300) – but I see in the router logs the WAN state correctly changed from down to up. However, my DDNS settings did not correctly pull the new IP...
  14. M

    Asus DDNS not updating after reboot

    I was having trouble connecting to one of my routers after a reboot using the Asus DDNS, so I had a look at the logs and noticed that it always seems to get stuck at the same place after a reboot: inadyn[983]: Failed connecting to ns1.asuscomm.com: Operation now in progress inadyn[983]: Failed...
  15. XIII

    DDNS: how to set up ASUS (primary), No-IP (backup), and push notification?

    For an experiment I want to achieve this: Use *.asuscomm.com as main DDNS service Use No-IP as backup DDNS service Get a push notification (using Pushover) when the IP changes Unfortunately I'm confused by the Wiki page on DDNS services. It seems like I can achieve this by: Configuring...
  16. S

    Use of hostname instead of IP address for port forwarding source IP

    Hi-- I have a remote location that rsyncs to a NAS on my local network. I've configured port forwarding to allow the remote location's IP address as the source IP. Unfortunately, the remote location does not have a static IP. Is there any way to use the remote location's DDNS hostname in...
  17. T

    [Release] Cloudflare Dynamic DNS Update Script

    I am pleased to announce the release of the Cloudflare Dynamic DNS Update Script! Note: This is a forked version based on work by a few contributors who I have not been able to get a hold of to commit to the main repo. @epicylon, @bengalih, @gumanov, @clayauld My updates Verified works on...
  18. M

    ddns hairpinning on ng r9000 with Voxel + Kamoj running

    Hello to everybody here, I´m new here because I bought a used X10 and changed stock to Voxel. I did that for having DNS and webfilter options. But what i really would like to use is nextcloud talk and therefore i need ddns internally resolved by NAT Loopback. I can´t get it to work and i...
  19. TexasDave

    Using Cloudflare for DDNS

    I want to use Cloudflare for my DDNS. I believe I need to use a ddns-start script - Yes? If I have two domains at Cloudflare, do I just copy the script twice into one file and run the same script code twice but subsituting the proper ZONE_ID, RECORD_NAME, RECORD_TTL,API_TOKEN for each domain...
  20. D

    Netgear R7800 with Voxel firmware ddns client editing help needed

    Netgear R7800 with Voxel latest firmware ddns client editing help needed. In what file is located the dynamic dns http api url via telnet? I would like to manually add ipv6 address as text to api command that router sends to dynamic dns servers within ip update. Because now if i set manually...