dhcp not working

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  1. D


    ROG Raptor GT-AC5300 - purchased 2 years ago and installed as router. I remember at the time that the DHCP set up had issues and I had to do something simple but deep in the set up. I.m sure I found the solution here. It’s worked fine ever since no issues great router. Until ISP outage and...
  2. L

    AC-86U not using DHCP Reservation to provide client IP.... handing other open IPs in range.

    This just started a few weeks ago, maybe (not sure) after I upp'd to 386.7 on my AC-86U. The router is not handing one of my Android phones (Samsung S9+) the DHCP reservation IP (.41) that was working for 7+ months. The phone is getting .61 ... so today I went in and... deleted the .41...
  3. cowboy

    RT-AC88U Internet Problem: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.

    I have a AC88U Router with the newest Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware 386.3_2 running. Yesterday evening I lost internet connection. I was thinking it was because of the bad weather. But today I realized that my neighbors have internet. So I started checking my router. The error message of my router...
  4. L

    AC88U DHCP problems since 386.1

    Hi there, I need your help, Since i've upgraded my AC88U to 386.1_2 the DHCP seems to not automatically reconnect each times my router reboot. I have to change a setting after each reboot (it doesn't matter which one) for the router to reconnect to DHCP. I tried many things such as hard reset...
  5. N

    ISP's DHCP did not function properly (AC66_B1, Virgin Media UK)

    I'm currently stuck with this message for 24 hours +. I got this on my old AC56U previously but easily cleared with a 10 minute power down. My settings are as below from searching this forum for advice but still stuck, if anyone has any further ideas how to fix? WAN Settings No MAC Clone DHCP...