distributed wi-fi system

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  1. thiggins

    SNB's Wi-Fi System Tests Go Deeper - A Preview

    Here's a preview of what our new Wi-Fi System test process can do. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  2. thiggins

    Plume Gets Comcast Backing

    Axios reports that mesh Wi-Fi maker Plume has raised around $27M of a new total $37.5M offering. Comcast is reported to be lead investor and Comcast executive Tyson Marian has joined Plume's board of directors.
  3. thiggins

    EnGenius Joins The Wi-Fi Mesh Fray

    EnGenius announced its EMR3000-Kit EnMesh Home Wi-Fi System. It's a dual-band AC distributed Wi-Fi / mesh system aggressively priced at $269 for a three-pack and $99 for a single unit. EnGenius' announcement is short of specs other than to say it is "dual-band 11ac" and sets up via an app and...
  4. thiggins

    Ignition Design Labs Portal Reviewed

    Ignition Design Lab's Portal has the potential to be a cheaper alternative to NETGEAR's Orbi. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  5. thiggins

    Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Reviewed

    Linksys' Velop doesn't move the ball forward on the distributed Wi-Fi system playing field. Read on SmallNetBuilder