1. S

    DNS redirect to local DNS server

    Hi! Some of my devices use an hard-coded DNS server, i.e. I like to re-direct this DNS traffic to my local unbound DNS server by using the firewall script of my AC86 router. I use the following IPTABLES commands. The rule is added correctly to iptables. Are these rules correct and how...
  2. B

    DNS: time of maximum confusion (AC86U)

    My 86U was delivered 10 days ago. In that time I've spent a lot of time on these terrific forums and gotten a lot of great info. Now my head is spinning as I confront the various DNS settings spread across several pages in the GUI. Situation: one-person household. LAN devices are a Mac desktop...
  3. octopus

    How to choose DNS from openvpn PUSH string

    I trying to use one preferred dns from my vpn provider, they come randomly in PUSH string. Sometime it's the right one but often not. I can extract DNS from vpn-log in right order with "grep" command. vpn=1 grep -E "dhcp-option DNS" /tmp/vpnclient-$vpn.log | cut -d ' ' -f3 | tail -n 2 | sort...
  4. BreakingMad

    [RT-N66U] PiHole DNS / DNSMasq Question

    Hello, So I'm not actually new to the forum, I used to run under the name BreakingDad back in 2016 but I cannot retreive the password as I think it's set to a defunct email. That's another Issue though. Hello to those that remember me. What I'm trying to do is this. I have a Roku stick (UK)...
  5. Yanik

    unbound vs VPN DNS

    Hi, Which one is better as Performance and Security?; 1) Using VPN connections DNS Server by setting DNS Exclusive at VPN clients settings page (Accept DNS Configuration). 2) Using installed unbound_manager by setting DNS Relaxed/Disabled at VPN clients setting page. Also little...
  6. E

    Local DNS Cache

    So, I ran across this article: https://www.rootusers.com/how-to-configure-local-dns-query-cache-in-linux/ Just for giggles I decided to take a look at dnsmasq.conf, which is in /etc on the Asus router, and sure enough, there was a cache parameter and it was set to 1500 (which must be a...
  7. gspannu

    AX88U - LAN DNS or WAN DNS?

    Query on WAN DNS Server vs LAN DNS Server. I have tried searching the forums but could not get a clear answer; hence asking it here. This is my first ASUS router; hence maybe a NOOB question. My setup: VDSL Modem - for connection to Broadband ISP ASUS RT-AX88U - as router (
  8. xendi

    VPN Client DNS & DHCP

    I'm using the VPN Client policy rules to specify clients on the network I want routed through a VPN. On my machine that is VPN routed, if I run: ( nmcli dev list || nmcli dev show ) 2>/dev/null | grep DNS I see the DNS my machine is using is: My VPN provider runs their own DNS...
  9. cdysthe

    Strange IPv6 address as main DNS connected to my Orbi

    Hi, I have IPv6 enabled on my Orbi system. I ran an app that tells me what my current DNS servers are. This is what I get: Primary DNS: fe80::a204:60ff:fe1e:2e5a Secondary DNS: 10.0,0.1 What is that primary address? The secondary I know since that the Orbi's internal IP. The reason I ask...
  10. G

    Change dns ip

    Hi, is it possible to change the dns ip (in this case i'm interested in change the secondary dns ip) from shell? Thanks in advance
  11. M

    r7800 - repeating syslog message dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!!

    Since today I have many of these messages in the syslog. Mar 29 18:50:00 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:01 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:03 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:04
  12. V

    SSID for VPN - Does not use VPN's DNS

    Hello, I've spent a couple of hours searching through posts for an answer to this, but can't quite find the answer. I use expressvpn and set up a client on my router (RT-AC68U). I set the 'Accept DNS' setting to 'Exclusive' then setup a policy rule to have one device use the VPN Client. This...
  13. S

    Dual Stack (IPv6): DNS for IPv6 is not my AC88U

    Hi, I figured out that in my dual-stack environment my Clients get for IPv4 my router's DNS IP but for IPv6 my Client's get the Providers DNS. My expectation would be to also get the router's IPv6 (the local one) for DNS. :/ I Use DHCP-PD and it works so far. Also I set up DoT on WAN settings...
  14. cowboy

    Enable DNSSEC with OpenDNS

    I got interested in DNSSEC and want to enable it on my Asus AC88U router running Asuswrt-Merlin 384.15. But as I understand the DNS hosting provider has also to support it. I am using OpenDNS server and few days ago they announced that they will start supporting DNSSEC in this blog post: DNSSEC...
  15. Kashif Tasneem

    Dynamic DNS for Secondary WAN?

    Hi. I have setup Dual WAN as failover and I am using Asus DDNS on my router. When my Primary WAN is up, I can easily connect to my router remotely through the DDNS. But when Primary WAN is down and Secondary WAN is up, DDNS does not work. Shouldn't it automatically update the IP? Is there...
  16. B

    DNS Settings in router

    Sorry if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find it searching.... I have a simple home setup: ASUS RT-AC66U_B1 (connected to a DSL modem) with a LAN IP of My question is about DNS IP settings. On the WAN side, I point to Open DNS ( &
  17. dave14305

    Comcast/Xfinity Encrypted DNS

    For those of us subscribing to Comcast Xfinity internet service, I came to learn today of their encrypted DNS initiatives. Namely, they are beta testing DoH and DoT resolvers. DoH: https://doh.xfinity.com/dns-query DoT: dot.xfinity.com Ref...
  18. B

    DNS Support - Secure DNS and Encrypted SNI

    Running Cloudflare DNS via WAN settings. Seems to be working fine except the Cloudflare DNS checker tool shows DNSSEC and certificate TLS works, however Secure DNS and Encrypted SNI is not. Does anyone know if this is supported in the firmware and if possible how to get it working? It's a...
  19. Chris_J

    Bypass Android DNS with DNSFilter whilst using a VPN and Diversion

    As per the title, I am wondering whether this is actually possible. I have a VPN running on Client 1 using policy routing and have set 'accept DNS configuration' to disabled, as I would like to run Diversion also. Under WAN settings, I am using DoT to cloudflare. DNSFilter is set to Router...
  20. J

    DNS error

    Hi, I configured my Asus router to connect to my Bell HH3000 router in PPPoE. Like DNS I specified and Often times I have DNS errors, and it can't find the websites. I don't have these errors when I am connected directly to the HH3000. Normally, I am connected in 5GHz. What...