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  1. C

    YazFi: Guest Networks and DNS Director?

    I have an Asus RT-AC3100 with 386.5.2. I'm using guest networks to isolate some devices and the DNSFilter feature to use OpenDNS to block some websites. DNSFilter works as expected on the main network, but does not work when I move a device over to the any of the 3 guest networks. Also, I can...
  2. dave14305

    Why does DNSFilter use the mangle table for IPv6?

    It looks like it's been this way forever, but why does DNSFilter use the mangle table to drop IPv6 traffic? Generally, the mangle table is only for mangling packet headers, not dropping them. Seems this would be better suited for the filter table. Probably a moot point with newer routers...
  3. GHammer

    Merlin, dnsmasq, Pi-hole Accurate Device Names How-To?

    I have an RT-AX86U running 386.1 beta 2 and while it is working well, I find that many ads are being served to devices, especially mobile phones. I have tried various suggestions for solving this and the DNSFilter option to force all DNS traffic to my Pi-hole works the best. Unfortunately, it...
  4. S

    DNS redirect to local DNS server

    Hi! Some of my devices use an hard-coded DNS server, i.e. I like to re-direct this DNS traffic to my local unbound DNS server by using the firewall script of my AC86 router. I use the following IPTABLES commands. The rule is added correctly to iptables. Are these rules correct and how...
  5. K

    DNSFilter - Am I missing something ?

    Hi guys, I have a RT-AC88U with Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 installed .. A while ago, I set up a DNSFilter for my daughter .. It was working .. it's not anymore. No idea what changed, but I'm trying to make it work again .. For everyone in my network, the DHCP sets the following DNS : Quite classic...
  6. J

    [Question][RT-AC68U] Switch DNSFilter without opening GUI

    I'm running Merlin 384.11 on my AC68U. I'm trying to find a faster method of switching DNSfilters for a particular device and wonder if it's possible to do so via script or otherwise. It's mainly a speed thing - it's a little effortful navigating and logging into the router admin site...
  7. E

    DNSfilter and Hurricane Electric Tunnel

    Recently, I started using the newly added Quad9 dnsfilter along with the dnssec setting. Works nicely, thanks. I changed the dns setting in my Hurricane Electric tunnel to the DNS ipv6 servers, and it no longer works. Tried setting the dns settings on the tunnel page back to HE dns, but it still...