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  1. misses esterhouse

    Asus AC1900 Failover

    Has anyone ever tried to use the usb wan port on this router? I am considering piping in a secondary ISP provider for failover. However, the secondary ISP I would like to use provides a DOCSIS cable modem and I would like to try and use a USB to Ethernet adapter to connect the USB to the Asus...
  2. Julio Urquidi

    ARRIS Adds An Xfinity-Approved Voice Gateway To Its SURFboard Lineup

    Arris’ new gateway, the SVG248AC, combines broadband, wireless and voice services into a single package approved for Xfinity customers. SVG248AC is a 24 download/8 upload DOCSIS 3.0 modem, a 3x3 AC1750 wireless router, and a voice gateway, that uses the RDK-B standards that help accelerate...
  3. C

    MoCA with cable modem - internet only

    Apologies if this is trivial, or has been discussed ad infinitum already. (I'm new here.) I have Comcast internet, which comes in by coax into an SB6141 modem, which then has an ethernet hookup to an Apple TimeCapsule. I don't use any other services (no TV, phone, etc.). I would like to use...