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  1. R

    Multiple DNS over TLS (DoT) per device or network?

    I currently have a DoT server configured on my RT-AC68U (Merlin) router's WAN, and all clients on my network are using it without any issues. However, I now need certain clients to use a different DoT server. As configuring DoT directly on these devices is not possible, I need help setting up a...
  2. P

    DoH / DoT support?

    Sorry if it has been asked but I am lately not up to date with Asus firmware features. Is there a native DoH / DoT support on ASUSWRT official firmware or flashing Merlin is required?
  3. G

    Help with DNS encryption configuration

    Hello, I'm trying to set up the DNS encryption on my RT-AX86U using Cloudflare. However, I just can't get to recognize that I'm connected to or that I'm using either DoT or DoH (DoH when active in Mozilla). I also want my browser to always use Cloudflare's DoH, meaning it...
  4. N

    Why Router manufacturers do not implement DoH/DoT in firmware?

    I understand I can use merlin firmware for DoH/DoT, but just out of curiosity. It'll be a really nice security feature, which they can brag about. Its not like that they'll have to implement it from scratch, clients already exist. All they need to do is make sure it works with their firmware.
  5. N

    What's the point of DoH/DoT

    I've been running Pihole with cloudflare doh proxy for sometime now. While it works ok, I've been considering ditching it for Asus-merlin built in dot with nextdns. But does DoH/DoT makes any difference. My ISP can still see the IPs i am communicating with and can do reverse dns lookup to see...
  6. Authority


    As I understand it, RMerlin likes DoT, and dislikes DoH. Thoughts on DNS-over-QUIC?
  7. C

    dnsmasq --all-servers

    I want my router (ac68u 384_19) to query all dns and use the first one. DNSmasq allows this behaviour however I cannot find a way to do this. I tried fiddling with the dnsmasq.conf file but no luck. I use DoH proxy ( on...
  8. J

    DNS over TLS don't appear to be working?

    RT-AC86U w/ 384.15, RT-AC68U aimesh node 384.15, diversion, uidivstats, Skynet, scribe, uiscribe, conmon, spdMerlin, scmerlin, nsrum I am hoping someone will take a look at my settings screenshot and tell me what I need to change. I am a little confused about some of the posts that I've been...
  9. dave14305

    Comcast/Xfinity Encrypted DNS

    For those of us subscribing to Comcast Xfinity internet service, I came to learn today of their encrypted DNS initiatives. Namely, they are beta testing DoH and DoT resolvers. DoH: DoT: Ref...
  10. Olivier Poitrey

    NextDNS Installer

    I'm proud to announce NextDNS is now officially supporting Merlin. You can find the installation procedure on our Github Wiki. We are also working with @RMerlin to add a UI to this integration. Stay tuned. You can post your questions or concerns to this thread or contact us directly through...
  11. stuffedtiger

    difference between manual and automatic DoH in Firefox

    in the 384.14 Beta firmware post, the changelog has a point about disabling the automatic usage of DoH in Firefox, and how manually turning on DoH within the browser will override the option on the router. so i'm wondering, what is the difference between the manual and automatic settings? i was...