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  1. Yota

    Can we load different versions of wireless drivers on boot?

    I'd like to do some testing against wireless drivers, but reflashing the firmware might be a bit of a hassle. Is it possible to load a different version of the wireless driver module on system boot? If possible, where are the driver binaries on Github? And what command to use to load it...
  2. O

    RT-AC86U mjpg-streamer

    Hi everyone, I'm new to RT-AC86U. Just managed to install Debian Stretch using chroot on official firmware. Inside Debian, I've compiled mjpg-streamer from source and made it running. However, the official firmware doesn't come with uvcvideo driver. Can anyone help? Great thanks oscarliu
  3. M

    The driver disconnected while associating

    Hi, does anybody faced this issue on Merlin? WLAN AutoConfig service failed to connect to a wireless network. Network Adapter: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Interface GUID: XXX Connection Mode: Automatic connection with a profile Profile Name: XXX SSID: XXX BSS Type: Infrastructure...
  4. M

    Best format parameters for NTFS in AC68-U

    I attached to AC68-U my thumb drive, which have been previously formatted to NTFS by means of Windows, and I get following error while plugging the drive Anyway, after that messages NTFS partition is mounted. I don't know if these errors are really serious but I decided to reformat the drive...
  5. D

    AC-87U 5ghz Wireless Problem, iPhone and Android devices

    Hello Everyone. So with the 378 series of drivers, everything was fine. However, when I switched to the 380 series, the 5ghz network will randomly disconnect. At first its just 1 5ghz device then eventually its all of them. The network shows, I type the password in and it will say its wrong...