dsl ac-68u

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    Ai Mesh on DSL-AC68U - Some questions

    Long time watcher and first time poster so be gentle please I have some questions. I have a dusty DSL-AC68U sitting in the cupboard that I would like to utilise. I have managed to convert it into a RT-AC68U by using the following. nvram set odmpid=”RT-AC68U” nvram set asuscfeodmpid=”RT-AC68U”...
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    Help. DSL-AC68U and AX92U - pppoe passthrough

    Hi, I am having trouble setting up pppoe passthrough (relay) on my DSL-AC68U so that my new AX92U can establish an Internet connection. Setting the connection directly on the DSL router works without any problems (Vlan ID 7). However, when I enable pppoe passthrough and connect the DSL Router...
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    No GUI on DSL-AC68U and RT-AC68U

    I have DSL-AC68U and RT-AC68U set up, they are connected via a ethernet cable and I have AiMESH enabled. The routers work fine in this configuration for a period of time, like a month or two, but then I find the GUI fails and I am unable to access any of the configuration on the DSL-AC68U. The...
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    ASUS DSL AC-68U big problems

    I have a big problem with my asus dsl ac-68u .The device restarts on its own and many times never comes back to "life" until i press the on/off button. Please help.Attached you can find logs