1. I

    DSL-AC68U f/w download problem

    Hi All Long time reader first time poster. I tried a couple of times to upgrade my new DSL-AC68U to f/w v3. from v3. in the WRT GUI and it appears to start the firmware download but this never completes...I've even left it overnight to no avail. Anyone else had...
  2. B

    Asus DSL-AC68U Firmware

    I see this was published on the web site today, 30th June. https://www.asus.com/uk/Networking/DSLAC68U/HelpDesk_BIOS/ PLEASE SEE LATER COMMENT, THIS FIRMWARE IS NOT ALWAYS STABLE. BEWARE. There's no mention in the details about "fixed broken Ethernet ports issue" which caused
  3. RobinB

    DSL-AC68U - Wifi 2.4GHz band interference issues with USB 3.0 drive

    TLDR; Skip to the bottom to read the solution. I typed up about the problem of 2.4GHz wifi constantly dropping / disconnecting that I had been experiencing with my DSL-AC68U, until I found the solution so thought I'd post it anyway as this may help someone with the same issue. (1) Bought the...
  4. P

    DSL-AC68U to RT-AC68U conversion - USB no disk detected

    Hi I hope someone can please help. I've put the Merlin RT-AC68U firmware on my DSL-AC68U and I can now connect to the NBN - fantastic. However, when I plug my USB stick in, I get 'No disk detected'. It is not the router as I restored it to original Asus and the USB was detected fine. I suspect...
  5. N

    DSL-AC68U No DSL light

    Hello there, I've very recently acquired a refurbished DSL-AC68U to get rid of my ISP box. I've made a mistake at first, which is to directly flash the last Merlin firmware, without first testing it out of the box. The problem is that the modem never catches the DSL signal. The DSL led does...
  6. Tattz The Bear

    Asus DSL-AC68U Upgrade to Was it me or them?

    On Friday I noticed an alert on my router for new firmware so hit download. Part way through the process I noticed I was still connected to my VPN so disconnected; Bad move. :( Needless to say the download aborted and I subsequently manually downloaded the firmware from the Asus support site...
  7. I

    RT-AC66U B1 connection problems

    Hi, I have AiMesh network with DSL-AC68U as mesh router and RT-AC66U B1 as node connected via Ethernet with a long distance (about 20m, or 65 7 feet) cat7 F/FFTP cable. So my small home network contains DSL-AC68U->cat6 cable->keystone jack->cat7 ->keystone jack->cat6 cable->RT-AC66U B1. I...
  8. Grisu

    DSL-AC68U firmware with Aimesh-node (child) support over Wifi and LAN backhaul

    First time Asus published a beta firmware which allows to use DSL-AC68U as Aimesh-NODE! DSL-AC68U_8.0.0.4_919_0-gd3b2011_DSL_1.0.4.9.trx.zip Factory reset needed before using it as node, setting done in GUI or app. https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/22B748FCE9444B669810BCBD8AEC3D8DY...
  9. V

    Modem Issue on DSL-AC68U

    After power cut my router booted up with malfunctioning modem and of course no more internet 1. DSL light is now gone 2. the log states that it cannot load DSL firmware 3. Firmware info page the DSL firmware version is blank I did manage to get it working for 4 weeks without DSL light on by...
  10. GNUton

    [DSL-AC68U] AsusWrt Merlin builds for DSL routers

    Hi there, This thread is about GNUton's Merlin builds for DSL devices. * A few words about how this project started: Some days back I bought a DSL-AC68U. I got a used one for 40 euros. As far as I know, this devices is pretty much as an RT-AC68U but it sells cheaper because... maybe... there...
  11. D

    anonymous FTP with R/W on AC86U is not working?

    I owned DSL-AC68U router which I sold and bought an AC86U which is new to me. I'm using Merlin on it. I can remember that couple of years ago I set FTP with anonymous login on my DSL router and also allowed it on WAN, so everyone knowing my DNS or IP could change files on my disk attached to...
  12. Skeptical.me

    ASUS DSL-AC68U as WAP?

    Is it possible to use a DSL-AC68U as a WAP, without using the modem? I don't see any setting in the GUI that allows me to do this so I'm guessing the answer is no, but I thought I'd just clarifying it.
  13. Skeptical.me

    RT-AC86U AiMesh ASUSWRT-Merlin

    I'm trying to find how to enable AiMesh on my 86U that has ASUSWRT-Merlin on it, but I'm having no success. Does the Merlin firmware disable AiMesh? If not how can I enable it?
  14. Skeptical.me


    So, I just purchased a new DSL-AC68U Modem/Router to replace my Service Providers horrible Modem. It took about 5 minutes to setup and improved my (VDSL) Line Speed from 30.99Mbps to 35.45Mbps (yes really bad FTTN speeds here in Australia, I need every Mb I can get). So, I'm really happy with...
  15. captainfuzzyface

    DSL-AC68U VPN Client exceptions

    Hi, I've got NordVpn configured as a client VPN service on the router, which is working just fine. However, for iPlayer this blocks all content. Is there a way to configure device or service exceptions on this router. If not is there another way to get them to connect whilst maintaining the VPN...
  16. captainfuzzyface

    DSL-AC68U problems accessing the media server

    Hi, My router is up and running happily, but having setup the media server, my clients can't connect to it. Connection Refused is the message they all get. The main one that I'm using is RhythmBox on Ubuntu 18.04. I've also setup SMB to see if anything could connect to the media files, but that...
  17. M

    Need help with DSL-AC68U with Merlin Issues

    Summary, from a site : http://whatsyourrouter.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=86&page=1 i flashed DSL-AC68U with Merlin. I dont need the DSL feature, all i need is to configure VLAN for LAN Ports. I selected Dual-Wan, Primary, Ethernet Wan, Lan Port 1 and Secondary, Wan. I encountered issues and...
  18. Darxai


    Hello everyone I only recently found out about this community, Merlin and everything so I quite a noob in these kind of things. I simply wish to install the latest Merlin to my AC68U but it wont let me, saying: Invalid Firmware Upload So I was hoping somebody can help me out and make a simple...
  19. M

    DSL-AC68U repeated with a DSL-N55U

    Hey Guys, Really hoping someone can help. My primary router is a DSL-AC68U running a 40mb VDSL connection. However the signal struggles through part of the house and so I am trying to get my previous DSL-N55U to run in some kind of repeater mode so that I can make use of the Gigabit ports on it...