dual router

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    Second router as VPN gateway

    I would like to connect only a few devices on my network to a VPN. My Asus router allows either all devices to connect to the VPN, or none. I can't use the Merlin or DD-WRT firmwares because I am using aimesh. Can I use a spare Asus router as a VPN Gateway? I am planning to use it as the...
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    Help needed two routers one running openVPN only

    I have a Netgear R7000 running Tomato Shibby configured working well with PIA and openVPN client. I recently acquired an Edgerouter X that I would liked to set it up to take care of the openVPN part only. I am aware of the performance or the lack of the Edgerouter X with openVPN and I am OK with...